Friday, January 27, 2012

It's that time again.....Flip off Friday!

So I used to every Friday post my flip off for the weeks. And since I just started blogging again I thought what a better time to start my Flip off Friday's.

So my first flip of goes to
My New Years resolution was to start to pay more attention to the crap I ate. Thus meaning bring on the salads. This was going really well. Then all it take is one slip up and you are on a downward spiral to eating crap. Thus I give you a big flip off.

My neighbor who does not know how to drive or speak English...
This old man next door has no idea how to drive and most defiantly does not know how to park. He has hit and broken my white picket fence more then ten times. And I don't understand how he manages this since he drives like 2 miles an hour (not 5 but 2 miles an hour). And there is no point saying anything because he speaks Arabic, Hindu or something like that and no English. So when you say something to him he just nods his head. I could be calling him a ****er and he would nod his head yes. Hey maybe I should try that sometime. :)

Anyone have a flip off they would like to share...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Long Time Coming....

So it has been a hot minute since I posted on this blog. My intentions when I started this was to have the ability to talk, vent and connect with friends, family and strangers (those deciding to read that maybe don't know me that well)or even to myself if no one is reading.
What happened is that this blog got pushed under the rug with all the other things I had going on in my life and then completely forgot about it.
With the new year and me turning another year older, I figured I better get my $h*t together and find ways to blog more often. I mean the last time I blogged was almost 9 mths ago...what the hell!
So much has happened since I last posted.
My mom had a heart attack in May 2011 which was life altering in so many ways. My life for about three weeks consisted of living in a hospital. While juggling my life, kids, house and business. The hospital was almost two hours away in traffic (1 hour without) and my sister and I just should have paid for a hotel instead of driving back and forth. It might have been cheaper then the gas. Fast forward to now and she is doing much better. She is back to her old self, which for anyone that knows her is a piece of work. Love you Mom! She still has some health issue but over all is doing much better.
July 2011 was my little mans 1st birthday. Which really went by way to fast. It's funny how you will say "OMG this week is going by so slow". But then you look back and say "OMG where did that year go". It went by so fast. He is such an amazing child. I could not be any more lucky then I am to have a child with his disposition. He is so relaxed, carefree, funny and so cute. I mean I have heard him cry maybe 5 times in his whole 18mth life. Everyday people in my life remind me of how lucky I am to have a baby like him.
September 2011 my Daughter started the 2nd grade and my son started his senior year. Another one of those OMG where did the time go. They both are also amazing kids. My daughter is feisty like me and really know how to get under my skin sometime. My son Jesse is a senior and he has really started to realize that after this year all the fun and games are over and it is time to head to the real world. Work, College, both...whatever path he picks I want to just support him.
October, November and December all went by in a blur. (except that my son Jesse turned 18 years old)!!
Now January 2012..... A week ago I turned the big 35!!! I am not one to sulk about the number. I really am just happy that I lived another year.
Now in between all of this I have been holding down the fort at home, running all of my businesses and being a wife.
Well I have caught everyone up to speed on my crazy life. My New Years resolution is to write in this blog at least three times a week.