Friday, December 17, 2010


Ok so I realize I have not been blogging the way I used to, and this is because my life is just crazy at the moment(oh who am i kidding my life is crazy 24/7). But I have to make time for FLIP OFF FRIDAY as I have alot of flips offs (and it helps me to vent) so here goes.....

5. big flip off to the makers of huggie diapers for all the blowouts my son has been having in the last couple days. so I change my sons diaper ever 2-3 hours at the most during the day (as I can imaging how gross it must be to sit in pee) and then hopefully at night since he sleeps through the night we should make it through. BUT NO..he has woken up every night with a leak. So flip of Huggies.

4. big flip off to stupid people in the stores. When I am on a mission at the store I need to get in and out. Yesterday at Trader Joes I was on a real mission because I had both kids and just wanted to get in and get out. But no...some man and I swear at one point I thought someone with a camera was going to jump out and say i was being filmed. This man was just always in my way. Now Traders was packed regardless but mister get the **** out of my way. Don't just stop in the middle of the already small isles and read direction on how to steam vegetables or stop and read them to your wife. So flip off to stupid people.

3. Big flip off to Christmas. I am so sick and tired of this holiday. It is my least favorite holiday. I really feel this holiday is not what it should be. I thought it was about family and friends and spending time together. not spending money that most people don't have on crap that will either be re gifted of thrown in the closet and never seen again except when your vacuuming up tiny pieces of a crappy toy. So flip off Christmas.

2. a big flip off to all the people that get christmas parties. What about the stay at home moms who work 24/7 and never get a lunch, two 15 minute breaks, a bonus, a raise, a vacation or a sick day. And now we don't even get a christmas party!!!!! I vote that all stay at home mommies band together for our own christmas party. (A little late now but worth working on for next year).

Drum roll please
1. a BIG FLIP OFF to people that lie to your face. That say they aren't doing something when you ask, say they won't say something or do something and do it. Shame on me for allowing you but shame on you for doing it more. I hope when you realize that doing things like that will come back and haunt you. I hope you feel like shit!

AHHH that feels better. Try it...You'll like it!
Welcome to my world!

Friday, December 10, 2010

HELLO PEEPS! Long time no post!

Hello Peep,

It has been a very long time since I have posted on this blog.
My life has been CRAZY!
But a couple weeks ago someone mentioned to me how she loved my Flip Off Fridays. So I thought what the hell lets start it up again. So here goes....

1.A big flip off to myself first for not doing the white laundry and my daughter today had to go to school with mismatched colored socks (she did wear boots so you could not see them).

2.Flip off to my hair that since I cut 10 inches off is very angry at me and won't do what I tell it too.

3. To Christmas Shopping.... My family(especially you sister in laws) are the hardest to shop for.

4. To my gym bill that keeps coming in...but I don't return the visit because I am just to busy and lets be honest LAZY!

5. Another flip off to me today for forgetting my daughters treat (pretzel sticks) for her class project! I did end up taking them to her (before you start calling me a bad mom).

What are your flip offs for the week!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Viva Huntingtington Beach

On our way back from a fun but long business and pleasure trip to Las Vegas.

We have attended this trade show for baby and children’s product since we opened our business a couple years ago. It is a lot of fun to see all the great new product that people have created and then also great to see the old favorite brands that have come up with new stuff also.

You would be so surprised at the things people invent. I saw a so many things that were great and then things that just made me wonder why I would ever have any use for that.

My husband is driving as I write this and he said the best product he saw at the show was this amazing baby/toddler nail file (stay posted for pictures) it is a electric nail file for your baby so you no longer have to mess around with nail clippers which I personally hate.

The worst product we agreed is this bottle bid that you put on your bottle to replace the bib you would put on your child. It was ugly and so cheaply made. I give them props for developing a product but this was just not the right fit for our store.

Some other favorites of ours were a stroller lock, smencils, piggy paint, a pillow/blanket my daughter loved and the list goes on. Hopefully we can work together with the brands to maybe offer some great giveaways in the future.

Ok enough about that. I will blog about the fact that we took our kids and how fun that was. Including my lil mans first blow out.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Flip Off Friday

Flip off Friday Again!

So a big flip off to the traffic light by my house that thinks its funny to allow only two cars to turn on the green arrow in the morning before turning red. This makes me late to take my daughter to school everyday.

Big flip off to the lady at the girl scout table at back to school night that made a comment to her husband about how I was not supposed to bring my kids to back to school night. Excuse me lady but my husband and I both want to support my daughter so we both showed up and we did not have a sitter to watch them. I would rather bring them then not show up and support her. So F you!!! I know you also and you kids are horrible I can tell why you did not bring yours.

Big flip off to my hairbrush. I noticed this morning that it is full of hair! So for any moms that don't know this but at about the 3-4 mth mark after having your baby you will start to lose hair like it is not joke. Well today marks my three months! F U!

and a big, big flip off to this heat!

Welcome to my world!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My littlest peanut!

My little guy is going to be three months old on Sunday and this past weekend we took him in for his 3 mth pictures. As I am framing and putting them up this morning I am thinking about how much things have changed in three months.

He has grown by leaps and bounds and is no longer my lil guy but my big strong guy now.
He is so interactive now versus just laying there like a bump
on a log.
His personality is amazing...Can you tell from this photo!

He looks more and more like my husband. Which is great as my daughter looks nothing like either of us and I think if we would have had another child like that my husband would have started to wonder!!!

With all that being said this only means that time is going so fast. I mean people are starting to christmas shop. The store have already started putting our christmas supplies. We have not even passed Halloween!

I wish I could say that I was going to treasure the time more now that I am realizing how fast it goes but i would be lying.

With three kids, a husband, a house and two growing businesses my time is valuable and accounted for every second. My calendar is full from now till the beginning of next year. Wish I could be one of those people that live day by day. And just go with the flow. Maybe someday when my kids are off taking care of their own families and my husband and I are living (not vacationing) somewhere tropical!

Maybe I should pencil that into my calender for somewhere in 2030!

Welcome to my world!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Flip Off Friday

Flip off Friday again!

1. The first flip off this week is to myself. Why you ask because this week I did the unthinkable....I locked my new baby in the car!!!!!!!!! So before you throw stone and call child protective services on me , let me explain.
I was getting out of the car and I reached back and opened the back door to go around and get my son out. I hit the lock button on my door and walked to take my son out. Well my daughter who was in the passenger front seat jumped out and came running around the car into the street with a car coming. When I saw this my first reaction was to grab her so when I went for her I hit the door, which closed with my keys on the seat. OMG!!!!!! So I started hysterically crying and lucky my neighbors all helped including a passerby-er that has kids that go to the same school as my daughter stopped and helped. We got him out and he was fine (a little sweaty). Slept the whole time. In total i think he was in there for less then 10 minutes. But is was the longest time ever for me. I beat myself up about it all night till friends started telling me that this has happened to them many times. Now i feel like less of a bad mom.

2. The amount of hours in a day. I drop my daughter off at about 8am on the dot and I am home by 8:10 the latest. By the time I have a light breakfast, shower and read emails it is 12pm and my daughter is out at 1:50. Why can't the school day be longer.

3. The parents at my daughters school who think it is ok to block you in your parking spot. I make it a point to leave to pick up my daughter by 1:30 so that I am there right when she gets out. Which means that I can always get a parking spot. if you show up after 1:40 forget getting a spot that is not around the corner. So parents who decide to arrive at 1:49 when the kids get out pull up and double park. Then they decide they can chit chat with each other while I am stock in the spot. Next time I will think about hitting your car.

That is my Friday Flip off. What are yours?

Welcome to my world!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Back to Blogging!

So I am going to take part in the Back to Blogging Event going on right now. Brought to you by the SITS Girls In hopes that i will be able to refresh myself and my ability to write a daily blog. So i am starting on day three of this event and the challenge for today is to find a post with a title we really like, re-upload, and explain why you like the title.

I really enjoyed this title and the post as I really feel this will not be the only time this happens

Wednesday, July 28, 2010
First Public Urination!
Yesterday we decided to take my daughter to our local indoor bounce house for their weekly "Glow Night". This is a indoor bounce house were they turn off all the lights give the kids a ton of glow sticks and turn on blacklights and loud music. My daughter LOVED IT!!!!! $8.00 spent wisely!

My husband and I decided to sit out in the waiting room because we had the baby with us. We sat out in the waiting room and talked. Then the baby got hungry so we feed him. I decided I would change him since it had been a little bit since I had changed his diaper. Changed his diaper and handed him to my husband. All the sudden the baby made a loud grunt and then we smelled it. I HAD JUST CHANGED HIM MINUTE AGO!!!!

So my husband said I will do it. So we get out another diaper and wipes and my husband goes in for the kill. He cleans all the poop up and then all the sudden my little peanuts starts peeing everywhere. And when I say everywhere I mean everywhere.
On me, my husband, himself and even the wall next to him. He is looking up at his dad like "OH yeah that feels nice". Until it gets on his face and then he makes the weird look like "What the hell was that".

My husband and I are cracking up at the big puddle he has created on the floor (which dripped down the wall into a massive puddle)See picture.....

We immediately start to look around at who has seen my son in all his glory and realize no ones know what happened. We start to clean up the evidence but not before my husband whipped out his camera to take a picture of his sons first public urination. I say first because I have a feeling somehow that this will not be his last.

Welcome To My World!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Most Amazing Burger! Heart Attack on a Bun!

So for anyone that reads this blog, you know that my family and I have been on a mission to try any and all food trucks in Orange and L.A County. We also follow the Great Food Truck Race on Food Network(my favorite channel). So when we heard Grill em All was going to be in Orange County (LA based truck) we seized the opportunity to get us one of their very famous burgers.

We tracked them down at the Hurley location in Costa Mesa. They were being joined by Kogi(one of our other favorites)and Longboards Ice Cream.

We knew they were going to be there at 6ish. So we left our house at about 5:50pm. We got there around 6:15 and the line was wrapped around the parking lot and the Kogi truck(nice surprise). We decided we were still going to try and hope that we did not get turned away. We also noticed the people who write the blog we read that started us on the food truck mission standing in line in first place. I quickly though of how much extra I was will to pay for this burger to offer it to them so I would not have to stand in line. ;)

I jumped out the car so I could make line and my husband went to park. I would say I was probably behind about 75 people and they had not even opened yet. I thought ok let me prep myself now for not being able to get the burger that was not written on there menu but was what I wanted. I know they only make a select few.

Now on a side note I have to say that one of the greatest thing about these food truck runs are the people you meet and talk to. Including Mr and Mrs Saturday Night Foodie themselves.

While waiting in line my daughter got her Kogi fix with two short rib taco's. She loves these things.

Ok so as we approach the front of the truck I am crossing everything possible in hopes that they have not ran out of the burger I so want to try. Ok I am next and the guy in front of me just orders fries. I walk up and it is Matthew Chernus from the show taking my order. I say with a brave face "Can I get the Behemoth" and Matt says to me "yeah you are getting the last one". OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! I am so excited I feel like I won the lotto (and this hamburger was the prize) I am so excited. I proudly take the change and then turn around to a crowd of people in line that want to KILL me. All because I took the last Behemoth. Sorry peeps but I don't feel bad being that I waited in line for almost two hours and have been waiting to try them forever.

As I am waiting for my food and watching my back that I don't get attacked by the remaining 100 people still in line. I notice that one of the chiefs from the crepes truck on the show is working in the grill em all truck. What that all about?

Then I hear my name and my husband runs up to get our hamburger before the crowd bum rushes it and runs with my burger. And also he wants a picture with Ryan Hawkins on of the other guys from the show and also the cheif.

So let me explain what this hamburger is....

The Behemoth is a $10 burger (well worth the money since my husband, daughter and I all eat some and were stuffed).
This burger was ridiculously huge. The buns were made out of two grilled cheese sandwiches, a 7 oz. beef burger, pickles, beer-soaked onions, bacon and Grill ‘Em All’s Mosh Pit BBQ sauce. Oh and lets not forget they add more cheese to the meat.
Then they have these amazing fries that you can get with truffle oil. Which we did.

So first I let my husband bite it and I think his eyes rolled back into his head.

Then my daughter got her bite and she gave me two thumbs up.

And then my husband came in to give me my bite.

Oh yes it was amazing and one of the best burgers I have ever had. Well worth the $10 bucks.
The fries were good but next time I would get without the truffle oil.

Oh my gosh I am stuffed. My husband looks at me and says lets head back to HB and hit up the Tropical Shaved Ice Truck for dessert. My daughter scream "yeah" ok I say kicking a scream (yeah right).
We met up with Mr and Mrs Saturday night foodie again at the shaved ice truck and we all enjoyed the most amazing soft, lightest most flavorful shaved ice I have ever tasted. My husband had 808 (pineapple, guava, coconut) with ice cream and a snow cap(sweet milk). My daughter had the same minus the coconut (sub watermelon) and not ice cream or snow cap.
I had a melona, raspberry, watermelon mix with a snow cap. Now even though it was 62 degrees outside and i was in a tank top I ate every last drop. i also met rick the owner who is a really cool guy. Thanks Rick.

On our way home now with stuffed bellies I told my husband that my daughter loves eating off the trucks and asks to go to them nightly if not every other day. So i think we are going to have her start her own blog about what she like and does not like about food trucks. Stay Posted!

For those of you out there that have these preconcevied notions about food on a truck. I get you because i still see "Roach couches" rolling around at lunch time. But this is different this is amazing food at great prices from people who love what they are doing and the people they are serving.

Try It! You'll Like It!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Flip off friday!

Flip off Friday is back!

Ok so I have not done Flip off Friday since I did the first one but this week requires a Flip Off Friday!

1. To the construction workers on my street that decide on a Saturday that 7:50 is a great time to start sandblasting the building on the corner. Which wakes my whole family (make that the whole neighborhood). Plus manages to get paint chips all over the cars on the block. They make so much noise.

2. The old lady today who scream for me to get out of her driveway when I was no were near her driveway. When I went to pick up my daughter on my way back to to the car the house I parked in front of the lady must have been in a foul mood because when I opened my trunk to put my stroller away she said that caused me to block her driveway from her getting in. Sh*t lady learn how to drive I was no where near your driveway. I try and not get road rage when I am with my kids but this one I could not help. I gave her a few choice words.

3. Huggies diapers for never giving my son enough coverage when he does the big deed that we almost always have a blowout. Plus this week I bought a box of diapers in size one and inside was newborn. Big flip off!

4) To the kids on my block that feel the need to use my daughter as a Guinea pig for everything. Yesterday I looked out my window to catch them putting her hands behind her back on the floor trying to act like they were arresting her. A Boy and a girl are doing this to my precious 6 year old little girl. When I go out there the girl's dad say they were not going to hurt her they were just playing NCIS. OMG are you serious. Next time let the boy tie up your daughter and she how you would like it.

5. To people on craigslist that list things and say they are in good condition and when you drive all the way out there the product is crap! Thanks for wasting my gas!

That is my Friday Flip off. What are yours?

Welcome to my world!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

OC Din Din A Go Go! The most amazing food!

My family and I attended the OC Din Din A Go Go event at the K1 Irvine Speedway on Wednesday. This event is every Wednesday from 5:30 – 9pm and hosted by Tropical Shave Ice Truck. Each week they are joined by 2-5 trucks. So my family and I were able to enjoys a couple of food trucks we have been wanting to try and we also got the opportunity to try a truck this week that has become my favorite!

This is one of those event that family will become regulars like we will to come and have great food and a nice evening out(I mean literally outside).
We ordered our food and waited patiently. Even my daughter was excited about trying some of the food.

While waiting my lil boy and my husband had a heart to heart about all the food he would get to enjoy when he is able to eat.

Then the food was ready. We tried a combo of different food from Argentinian food to Peruvian food...

First we tried the caprese empanadas from Piaggio on Wheels. This was ok! I was told we should have let it cool off and eat it cold. But we could not wait and ate it warm. I guess I can say I tried it and I don't think I would order again. My husband also ordered the chicken empanadas and he said it was nothing to brag about.

Then the Chicken Milanesa Sandwich from Piaggio on Wheels(Breaded chicken breast seasoned with garlic and parsley, lightly fried in French bread with lettuce, tomatoes, mayo and chimichurri).
Now this was really good and huge. Well worth the $6.00. The also put this what they call pink sauce on the sandwich which we got on the side. I would recommend not getting it on the side and getting it on the sandwich as it was very good (I have no idea what it is though)

Then we tried the peruvian fried rice. i was not a fan of this due to the red and green pepers but my husband loved it and was even able to enjoy it today for lunch.

But my favorite was the loma saltado from Lomo Arigato. Which is a a mix of Chinese stir-fry and Peruvian meat and french fries served with white rice. OMG this was the BOMB!

Then of course we had to try the truck that put this whole thing together which was the tropical shaved ice truck. My husband and I shared a Strawberry, watermelon, coconut shaved ice topped with sweetened milk.

Even my two month old son wanted a bite. I can't say that I did not sneak him a little lick (between me and you he loved it and was licking his lips)

My daughter got a lemon lime, strawberry, blueberry. i was a little worried since it was a school night but what can a little ice ans sugar syrup hurt.

All in all we had a great time and had great food. The Kogi truck was there with it's usual long line so we did not even go because we can follow them anywhere.
So for anyone ready that wants really great food and for a great price then join us next Wednesday at the same spot. Make sure to stop us and say Hi!
Welcome to my world!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'M BACK!!!!!

OMG it has been to long since I blogged. I think I might be going through blogger withdraw.

It has just been a crazy last couple days. My labor day weekend was just jam packed with stuff to do. I mean the days just flew by.

I have been really busy with work these past couple weeks with the launch of a new jewelry line for kids. I am very excited about it but is has been very difficult to get things perfect.

This past weekend we did alot for the new company we are starting including a photo shoot which did not turn out how I would want it.

But on a different note....

Today was the first day of school!
I am so excited I mean my daughter is so excited. :)
We started off the day great and I just picked her up and she said she liked school alot and loves the first grade. So keep my fingers crossed that does not change.

I look forward to many more school days and I am happy to say goodbye to summer.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Oc Foodie Fest!

So last weekend was the much talked about, anticipated(especially by my husband), sold out OC Foodie Fest at the Honda Center in Anaheim.

We were lucky enough to win tickets for the event from a great blog I read called
I only had to pay for my daughters ticket and of course my newborn was free.

The event was the ultimate food truck event. Lately my husband and I have been on a mission to eat off of some of these gourmet food trucks. So when we heard about this event we thought how great it would be to go so we can try some of the Los Angeles trucks.

The event started at 11am and went till 7pm. On top of food trucks they where going to have vendors and a bunch of dance crews performing.

I thought ok we can get there between 11 and 12pm. No rush since they were open till 7pm.

OMG!!!!! When we got there the line just to get in was wrapped around the block and we got there at about 11:30am. So we walk for miles to get to the end of the line and finally get in (the line did not take that long except when people who saw someone they knew would jump in line). When we got in I told my husband we should hit up the Nom Nom truck first since there line looked the longest.

Now for those of you that do not know the Nom Nom truck then you must not be watching the Food Networks show all about Food Trucks. The Great Food Truck Race is a show about food trucks traveling around the United States and Nom Nom is one of them. So we decided we had to try them since the past two shows we watched they have won first place in both.
So we waited in line....

and waited....

even Tai waited...

at this point we all were so starving that I decided to go see if there was another truck that I could grab something from to tide us over. I found the Slice truck.

This is a pizza truck....

I decided to go with the "Grandma" since I swore I had read about it before on another blog.
And I am so glad I did.

This slice of pizza was so good. It had a thick crust just like I like it. I brought it back to my husband and daughter and before I knew it they had devoured my pizza. When they finished the pizza and we were still in line for Nom Nom I told my husband to go to another truck while I waited and get something else.
He headed off to Barbie's Q.
By the time my daughter and I got up to the front of the line we had been in line for over 1 1/2 hours. So I am thinking this sandwich better taste like the best thing I ever ate.
So here is the menu for the sandwich. You can get pork, lemongrass chicken of tofu. We picked pork.

The girl from the show was the one taking the orders which was cool.

And finally we got our sandwich. We headed off to find my husband and found him still in line. But in the front of the line.

There menu was pretty straight forward.

We decided on the trio of sliders so we could try them all.
Once we got the food we headed over to the table and chairs they had set up. Yeah right were we ever going to find a spot. People were camped out there. Holding spots and leaving no room for anyone else.

We finally just sat in a open space even though it was taken. SORRY! And settled in to eat our food.
First Nom Nom

I did not like this sandwich at all. I thought the bread was hard and the meat was cut in such big pieces that it made it difficult to eat.

Then we went in for the sliders and these were amazing.

The meat was great and the bread was so soft. A+ from me for Barbie's Q
At this point my daughter was over it and wanted to go to the kids area which was put on by Pretend City. She was so happy because she bumped into a old friend and they ran off to get balloon animals. They said goodbye and we set off again.

Thank gosh for our handy wagon.
Now of course at this point the sun is beating down on us and there is no shade in site. I am completely burned I mean like third degree burns. Some stranger in line behind me even offered sunscreen but at that point it was to late. I was so hot, frustrated because lines were long and trucks were out of food that I just said let go home. I missed the opportunity to try the red velvet chocolate chip pancakes and the shaved ice just to name a few. But I was so tried from standing and so burned that I threw in the towel.
All in all the event would have been much better if it would have been at night and the lines did not take so long. I would have rathermade a road trip to L.A then go through that again.
But bottom line is I am sure we will go again but be a little more prepared. Unless they take the hint and throw it at night which would be much better. Hint Hint.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My little monkeys sleep sac!

So my little monkey has been sleeping anywhere from 3-4 hours at night before getting up for a bottle. This is unless we put him in bed with us and then we can get about 5-6 hours. As much as I want the 5-6 I just don't want him to become one of those kids that sleeps in mommy and daddies bed. So I suck it up every night and put him in his bed.

Now because I am home with my little peanut all day while my husbands goes to work (in 100 degree weather) Sunday through Thursday I take all the night shifts. I do not ask him to help at all. I figure this is only fair since I can stay home and he has to go off to work.

With that being said I really want my little guy to sleep longer since i don't sleep well at night with getting up so much. Selfish I know but when people think that us stay at home moms just nap all day they are so wrong. Ok well I do know of someone who does nap pretty much most of the day and has her daughter watch the baby. But not me!

I noticed that my little monkey when he gets startled by even the smallest noise, his arm and legs flair and he sometimes wakes up. I also noticed that at night after I have put him down and tucked him in that when I go to get him he has managed to kick off his blanket and his skin is freezing.

So as most of you know since I own a childrens boutique ( - shameless plug)I started looking at what we had to help prevent his blankets from being kicked off in the night and that maybe helping him sleep longer since the blanket could keep him warm and maybe startled less.
That is when I found this....

We carry the Aden and Anais Sleep Sacks. This thing is amazing. I should have know since the blanket I use for him is a Aden and Anais swaddle blanket. But this sleep sack has prevented him from kicking it off because there is no way and also sleep long. What a blessing.
He even likes it check out his face after a good nights rest.

I could get used to him waking up like this every morning.
So check out our site under swaddle/bunting and check out the sleep sacks. They come in great boy and girl prints.

Welcome to my world.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Flip Off!!!

So I just learned about this amazing thing in the blog world called
Flip Off Friday!
This is when you list things that have happened that just require the amazing middle finger.

Yes that is my little monkey giving the camera his middle finger.

1* The cat that thinks it is fun to shit in my front yard!
My next door neighbors cat Tiger thinks that my front yard is his personal litter box. I think it is unfair that dog owners when they take their dogs out are required by law to pick up after their dogs. But cat owners who let their cats run around the neighborhood have no responsibilities. Nothing is worse then having to pick up after someones nasty cat (I do not like cats!). I promise the next time I catch him I will squirt him with my hose!

2* My stuffy nose!
Every night my nose decides that it would like to be stuffed with boogers. My inability to breathe causes me to not be able to sleep between night feedings for my son. Which also means my husband has to hear me blow the horn(what it sounds like when I blow my nose). Which has even startled my son awake also. Which means no sleep -bitchy mom!

3* Nasty Lady a the 99cents store!
Yesterday my son and I ran into 99 cents store for a hairbrush for my daughter since she thought it would be fun to use it outside to do god knows what with her friends. My son and I get in line where a lady and her husband are almost finished being rung up. Then decide that they forgot something. Run back and get it come up to the register and ask "How much it is" are you f**king kidding me. We are at the 99cents store! Then she lets the checker finish ringing up her products and once told the total proceeds to look in her bag to see how she could have possibly spent so much. At this point I am getting annoyed because i just need to pay for my brush. Then once she is done she hands the checker the money and then wants to take back the money and use some of her spare change! I am about ready to lose it. FINALLY when she hands over the money and I go up to give my brush to the checker she decided she would like to clean out her receipts from her purse in the cashier aisle so I can't move forward to pay. I gave her the dirtiest look and she realized she better hurry the hell up and moved to the side. So my flip off is to all the people who hold up cashier lanes, forget items and expect to hold up the line, pay with change, and just all in all are a pain in the ASS!!!!

4* The Heat
All the sudden California was hit with a heat wave. Yesterday was so hot. I feel the next couple months are going to be hell since we had a late start to warm weather this summer. I hate the heat.

5* My husbands fascination with giving the city money!
As I am sitting here getting ready to pay my husbands third traffic ticket in 6 mths. Yes third in six months. I realize we have given over $700 to the city for all the traffic infractions my husband has made. He is known to have a little bit of road rage and yes I hold onto the handle when he drives. But he just has amazing bad luck when it comes to cops and tickets lately!

7 week old chunker!

So today my son is 7 weeks old.

I have to say that time flies when you are having fun. Everyone is madly in love with the little guy and his great attitude and demeanor.

OMG but how he has grown. When he was born her was 5pounds

Three days after being born.

Now he weighs a whole 8 pounds.

he is also wearing the same shirt that now actually fits him good!

Everyone says he looks so different every day. I guess I do not see it because I am with him 24/7 so I don't see the difference. I do see the weight on him because he is finally out of preemie and in newborn clothes (only took 2 mths).

He is very healthy and when he is actually awake is a little caricature.

Update on me....
Last week I packed up my breast pump and said goodbye. No tears during our goodbye. Just a long talk about how I feel defeated and that she was never a good friend. We included the girls(boobs) in the conversation also as i realize that they played a major part in not producing. We hugged it out and I put her away for MAYBE the next one.

Speaking of next one. I also went to my 6 weeks gyno check after the baby. I got the all clear to go back to work (like if what I have been doing for the past six weeks is not hard work) and also to have sex with my husband (insert husband with a big grin) with that I right away said "lets talk birth control". So I went on the pill. I have been on it for 5 days and I have to say I think the pressure of making sure I take at the same time every day is alot. especially because it requires me to remember to do it (always forgot my prenatal's during pregnancy). So I think I might go back and ask for the shot.
So that me in a nut shell.
OHHH and I am counting the days till school starts. 19 days!!! This is going to be the longest two weeks.

Welcome to my world!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Husbands new girlfriend! (Let Me Explain)

So a couple weeks ago after I had my little boy, my husband decided he was going to go out and get himself a new girlfriend! They have been together a month now and I can tell that his feelings grow for her daily.

He takes really good care of her.
Buys her things.
Makes sure no one hurts her.
Talks to her daily.
Takes her for long drives.
Even wakes up as early as 6am to get out of bed with me to go and shower her.

I was not aware that he and I have a open relationship. But I guess I will have to live with it since he has committed to her for six years.

I guess I should introduce everyone to my husbands new girlfriend.....

Yes he want out and bought himself a new car! (This is the new Kia Soul...Better known as the Hamster car from the commercial with the song "You can get with this or you can get with that")

Now in his defense he had his old car for 6 1/2 years and it was good car but lacked the nice things like power windows and A/C. Not only that but I hated to drive in it and complained all the time if we went anywhere in it. I also never drove the car.

So I guess I will have to share my husbands time with another women.

Welcome to my world!