Friday, January 27, 2012

It's that time again.....Flip off Friday!

So I used to every Friday post my flip off for the weeks. And since I just started blogging again I thought what a better time to start my Flip off Friday's.

So my first flip of goes to
My New Years resolution was to start to pay more attention to the crap I ate. Thus meaning bring on the salads. This was going really well. Then all it take is one slip up and you are on a downward spiral to eating crap. Thus I give you a big flip off.

My neighbor who does not know how to drive or speak English...
This old man next door has no idea how to drive and most defiantly does not know how to park. He has hit and broken my white picket fence more then ten times. And I don't understand how he manages this since he drives like 2 miles an hour (not 5 but 2 miles an hour). And there is no point saying anything because he speaks Arabic, Hindu or something like that and no English. So when you say something to him he just nods his head. I could be calling him a ****er and he would nod his head yes. Hey maybe I should try that sometime. :)

Anyone have a flip off they would like to share...

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