Friday, October 1, 2010

Flip Off Friday

Flip off Friday Again!

So a big flip off to the traffic light by my house that thinks its funny to allow only two cars to turn on the green arrow in the morning before turning red. This makes me late to take my daughter to school everyday.

Big flip off to the lady at the girl scout table at back to school night that made a comment to her husband about how I was not supposed to bring my kids to back to school night. Excuse me lady but my husband and I both want to support my daughter so we both showed up and we did not have a sitter to watch them. I would rather bring them then not show up and support her. So F you!!! I know you also and you kids are horrible I can tell why you did not bring yours.

Big flip off to my hairbrush. I noticed this morning that it is full of hair! So for any moms that don't know this but at about the 3-4 mth mark after having your baby you will start to lose hair like it is not joke. Well today marks my three months! F U!

and a big, big flip off to this heat!

Welcome to my world!

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