Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My littlest peanut!

My little guy is going to be three months old on Sunday and this past weekend we took him in for his 3 mth pictures. As I am framing and putting them up this morning I am thinking about how much things have changed in three months.

He has grown by leaps and bounds and is no longer my lil guy but my big strong guy now.
He is so interactive now versus just laying there like a bump
on a log.
His personality is amazing...Can you tell from this photo!

He looks more and more like my husband. Which is great as my daughter looks nothing like either of us and I think if we would have had another child like that my husband would have started to wonder!!!

With all that being said this only means that time is going so fast. I mean people are starting to christmas shop. The store have already started putting our christmas supplies. We have not even passed Halloween!

I wish I could say that I was going to treasure the time more now that I am realizing how fast it goes but i would be lying.

With three kids, a husband, a house and two growing businesses my time is valuable and accounted for every second. My calendar is full from now till the beginning of next year. Wish I could be one of those people that live day by day. And just go with the flow. Maybe someday when my kids are off taking care of their own families and my husband and I are living (not vacationing) somewhere tropical!

Maybe I should pencil that into my calender for somewhere in 2030!

Welcome to my world!

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