Friday, December 17, 2010


Ok so I realize I have not been blogging the way I used to, and this is because my life is just crazy at the moment(oh who am i kidding my life is crazy 24/7). But I have to make time for FLIP OFF FRIDAY as I have alot of flips offs (and it helps me to vent) so here goes.....

5. big flip off to the makers of huggie diapers for all the blowouts my son has been having in the last couple days. so I change my sons diaper ever 2-3 hours at the most during the day (as I can imaging how gross it must be to sit in pee) and then hopefully at night since he sleeps through the night we should make it through. BUT NO..he has woken up every night with a leak. So flip of Huggies.

4. big flip off to stupid people in the stores. When I am on a mission at the store I need to get in and out. Yesterday at Trader Joes I was on a real mission because I had both kids and just wanted to get in and get out. But no...some man and I swear at one point I thought someone with a camera was going to jump out and say i was being filmed. This man was just always in my way. Now Traders was packed regardless but mister get the **** out of my way. Don't just stop in the middle of the already small isles and read direction on how to steam vegetables or stop and read them to your wife. So flip off to stupid people.

3. Big flip off to Christmas. I am so sick and tired of this holiday. It is my least favorite holiday. I really feel this holiday is not what it should be. I thought it was about family and friends and spending time together. not spending money that most people don't have on crap that will either be re gifted of thrown in the closet and never seen again except when your vacuuming up tiny pieces of a crappy toy. So flip off Christmas.

2. a big flip off to all the people that get christmas parties. What about the stay at home moms who work 24/7 and never get a lunch, two 15 minute breaks, a bonus, a raise, a vacation or a sick day. And now we don't even get a christmas party!!!!! I vote that all stay at home mommies band together for our own christmas party. (A little late now but worth working on for next year).

Drum roll please
1. a BIG FLIP OFF to people that lie to your face. That say they aren't doing something when you ask, say they won't say something or do something and do it. Shame on me for allowing you but shame on you for doing it more. I hope when you realize that doing things like that will come back and haunt you. I hope you feel like shit!

AHHH that feels better. Try it...You'll like it!
Welcome to my world!

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