Monday, August 26, 2013


I know for a fact I am not the only one that was hit this weekend with any type of disappointment. But I am sure that I don't handle it as well as others also. Without going into to many details...I had numerous things I was looking forward to this weekend. And by Sunday morning when I was waiting for the last thing to at least come through, I was once again let down. I love my husband, but I wish sometimes he would humor me instead of making me feel like I am overeating. I am sure to some maybe I was. But to me I was sad. I get really down when things don't work in my favor. I sulk a little and then I can come back from it and move on pretty fast. But the reminder or lingering feelings can make everything come back the next day. Usually then I get over it even faster. But me even bringing it up on the blog means I was thinking about it again. So I want to close the chapter of disappointment that happened on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And move on. Cause lets face it...the next day is a new day.

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