Monday, May 17, 2010

30 Week Mark!

We are officially at the 75% mark of this pregnancy. We have made it into the 30-39 weeks.

Still third trimester but defiantly closer to the end. It felt like 20-29 weeks took forever! Maybe it was because during that time there was alot of testing (glucose, ultrasound, nst, etc).
I look forward to these last couple weeks of being pregnant as I know our little peanut is literally just finishing baking in my tummy. As all his necessary body parts are formed. So he is just getting some fat on those bones. I read he would be able to live outside the womb without assistance within four weeks. I know this to be true since my daughter Emma decided to make her grand entrance at 34 weeks and she survived with no help.
What I don't look forward to is the fact that the baby has gotten so much stronger when he decides to play kick ball or punching bag with my organs. Sometimes I think he has a love hate relationship with my bladder. During the day he likes to kick and punch it and then during the evening he will use it as a pillow. Somes when I go to the rest room it feels like I have not peed in day.
I also read that your baby finds and has his/her cozy spot they love to rest in and stay there most of the time during pregnancy. This spot for my little peanut is on my right side, head down. This is always were the doctor can find the heart beat and also were I feel alot of his movement.
Well here are some fun facts about 30 weeks
At 30 Weeks:
*Baby is about 15.7 inches long and weighs about 3 pounds
*Baby’s eyesight is developing, but isn’t very good. Even at birth, his/hereyesight will only be 20/400!
Baby has short-term memory now! (I hope he does not remember some of my choice words for bad drivers)

Welcome to my world!
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