Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Mornings!

Oh how I hate Monday mornings. I hate having to get back into the swing of things like make lunch, get kids ready for school, get myself ready for the day and most of all see my husband drive off to work because that means I have one less set of hands during the day.
On the plus side I am 29 weeks pregnant today which means I only have 10 more weeks (we are delivery c-section a week earlier then our due date). So per all the websites he should be about 2 1/2 pounds. But he feels more like ten on my back. Is it just me or when you enter the third trimester of your pregnancy you are so ready for it to be OVER!
I noticed I am tired again, very irritable(more then normal), and just all and all feel yucky! Not to mention that I get the urge to pee every 30 minutes like I have been holding it all night. Not to mention that my little peanut either loves to kick my bladder or use it as a pillow which is very uncomfortable.
Last week I went in for my normal monthly visit to the OBGYN and he said my blood pressure was high so signed me up for a non-stress test. No for those of you who do not know what that is...painless procedure that is done during pregnancy to evaluate your baby's condition. During the test a technician monitors your baby's heartbeat, first while the baby is resting and then while he's moving. Just as your heart beats faster when you're active, your baby's heart rate should go up while he's moving or kicking.
Now I am used to this because I had to go with my daughter and she was always a little stinker when I was there and would move from the monitor which made a normal 20 minute test turn into a hour test. And just like my daughter the new little peanut was the same way. But they finally go a good monitor and cleared me of having to go back. But I have to admit. I was a little nervous when it took them awhile to find the heartbeat. The pulled out the ultrasound machine and found where is was a hooked me up. I swear when I saw him on the ultrasound machine he was smiling like HA-HA mommy just wanted to scare you!
Like if that doesn't already show his personality. A joker like his daddy and sister.
Just my luck.
Welcome to my world!

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