Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thinking Thursday

I was thinking how I would love to win the lottery. And for the most unselfish reason. Not to buy a huge house, go one a trip, go shopping, etc.... but to start all over the business ventures I think up daily.
I think I have always been destined to be my own boss and have my own business. But I can think of 7 businesses I would start today had I won the lottery last night. The sad part is I don't even play but maybe I will start. As you never know if you are lucky that day. I don't even need to win the major jackpot, but maybe a couple million would not hurt.
Now don't get me wrong and I would be lying if I said I would not use some of the money to buy a house(in Oregon), shop a little and would take my whole family on a vacation but not before I started all of my business ventures.

On a side note my daughter Emma is in a play tonight called the Piggy Opera. My husband is very excited because he just purchased a new mini video camera and can't wait to tape something. Especially because he wants to be a pro before the baby is born. I remember him when Emma was born with a big video camera around his neck and the camera in hand. When the time came he forgot about both and was consumed with tears. Don't worry we did get some shots. I took this one.

Now I am almost to the 30 weeks of my pregnancy (29 weeks and 3 days today) and now comes all the things that made me dislike being pregnant. Like charlie horses, heartburn, lack of sleep, itchy nipples, peeing every 20 minutes (need to buy stock in toilet paper), tired and your feet hurt. The list could go on and on. But I think we are in the home stretch. My babies have all come early so we will see how much longer this little peanut wants to stay in that cramped area.
Now people tell me everyday that I hide my pregnancy very well and that I do not have the big basketball tummy. Sometimes i wonder if that is a compliment or a insult. I they nicely saying you are fat and hide it well or are you even pregnant. I have carried both my other children in my tummy pouch (kangaroo pouch), I have never had the big round belly. Maybe that is because I have always been a thicker girl. Never been a skinny mini. But he is in there. All 2 1/2 pounds of him at the moment.
Welcome to my world!

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