Thursday, May 27, 2010

When is it the right time!!!

So as I enter in to the last couple of weeks of my pregnancy, I try and reflect back on the day I found out I was even pregnant in the first place. Now to say this was unplanned is not 100% true as my husband and I both talked about when would be a "good time" to have another child. I think when you ask someone that question the answer is always when is it ever a good time. I am sure you can think of alot of things you would want to do first before getting pregnant(save money, buy a house, start a business, etc). But the bottom line is something is always going to come up and then it will never be a good time. So we just left it up to fate. If it happened it happened if it did not it did not.

For any of you that do not know me personally then a little back history is that I am not one of those ladies that if you look at me funny I get pregnant. I have been known to need a little medical assistance. This is because I simply do not ovulate or get my period (lucky right). So when we found out that I was pregnant with no help but the help and assistance my husband gave (wink wink) we were very surprised and needed 7 pregnancy pee sticks, a doctor, blood test and a ultrasound to confirm our joy!

Now towards the last leg of this pregnancy I look back and think maybe it was not the best time then or maybe even now but somehow and someway we are going to make it through (eat out less to save money, wait a little longer to buy a house and continue to work hard to make our business a success). We will make the sacrifices we have to to be the best parents we can to the children we have and the child we are going to have. I almost sometimes think it really is a great way to kick yourself into high gear to actually do those things you have been putting off for the good of offering more to your offspring. At least for me that is true.
So thank you little peanut in my belly, Emma(daughter) and Jesse (son) for helping me kick start alot of the goals I had put off.

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