Saturday, May 15, 2010

Our new Little Peanuts Nursery.

So if you have been following my other blog then you saw my battle with our newest little peanuts nursery.
Now I have to say that picking out a color for his room was very hard. I knew I wanted blue, but when we got to the paint store and saw that there are about a million different blues(ok that was a exaggeration). We narrowed it down to three different ones and then got home and narrowed it down to two and then of course down to one (surfer blue) which I was very happy with. My husband and even my daughter Emma painted the room while I went out shopping.
Now I have known that I wanted to do a owl room for the baby even before we knew we were having a boy. So I enlisted my husband to paint a wall mural of a big tree with a owl on it. So my loving husband set off free hand to draw this mural on the wall. Then the whole family decided to pitch in and paint the mural. Here is the beautiful mural that my family painted for the new arrival.

Now the furniture and everything else was a no brainer. I had picked that out early. You can kinda see the crib in the picture above.
We are getting a custom made crib set made by one of our vendors who makes amazing crib bedding. You can check out her stuff on our website at under nursery.
Now is time for all the small decor items. My daughter Emma has drawn a bunch of pictures that she places in the room that she says she wants on his wall. But I am not sure if that is what I will do with it. I may pick on and put it in a frame in his room.
Little does my husband know that he is not done with his handy skills. I want him to make a owl mobile that will go above the crib. I love my handy man/husband.
I really love how everyone has really joined together to make sure that the babies room is ready (or almost ready). It has become a family project.
Welcome to my world!

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