Friday, September 10, 2010

Flip off friday!

Flip off Friday is back!

Ok so I have not done Flip off Friday since I did the first one but this week requires a Flip Off Friday!

1. To the construction workers on my street that decide on a Saturday that 7:50 is a great time to start sandblasting the building on the corner. Which wakes my whole family (make that the whole neighborhood). Plus manages to get paint chips all over the cars on the block. They make so much noise.

2. The old lady today who scream for me to get out of her driveway when I was no were near her driveway. When I went to pick up my daughter on my way back to to the car the house I parked in front of the lady must have been in a foul mood because when I opened my trunk to put my stroller away she said that caused me to block her driveway from her getting in. Sh*t lady learn how to drive I was no where near your driveway. I try and not get road rage when I am with my kids but this one I could not help. I gave her a few choice words.

3. Huggies diapers for never giving my son enough coverage when he does the big deed that we almost always have a blowout. Plus this week I bought a box of diapers in size one and inside was newborn. Big flip off!

4) To the kids on my block that feel the need to use my daughter as a Guinea pig for everything. Yesterday I looked out my window to catch them putting her hands behind her back on the floor trying to act like they were arresting her. A Boy and a girl are doing this to my precious 6 year old little girl. When I go out there the girl's dad say they were not going to hurt her they were just playing NCIS. OMG are you serious. Next time let the boy tie up your daughter and she how you would like it.

5. To people on craigslist that list things and say they are in good condition and when you drive all the way out there the product is crap! Thanks for wasting my gas!

That is my Friday Flip off. What are yours?

Welcome to my world!

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  1. oh. my. GAWD, the kids messing w/ your daughter? "Arresting" her? I'd be alll up in their grill.

    I swear by pampers cruisers. For dropping a deuce. They're a bit more expensive, but my kids were major crappers and we rarely had a blow out.
    Thanks for linking up!!