Thursday, September 2, 2010

Oc Foodie Fest!

So last weekend was the much talked about, anticipated(especially by my husband), sold out OC Foodie Fest at the Honda Center in Anaheim.

We were lucky enough to win tickets for the event from a great blog I read called
I only had to pay for my daughters ticket and of course my newborn was free.

The event was the ultimate food truck event. Lately my husband and I have been on a mission to eat off of some of these gourmet food trucks. So when we heard about this event we thought how great it would be to go so we can try some of the Los Angeles trucks.

The event started at 11am and went till 7pm. On top of food trucks they where going to have vendors and a bunch of dance crews performing.

I thought ok we can get there between 11 and 12pm. No rush since they were open till 7pm.

OMG!!!!! When we got there the line just to get in was wrapped around the block and we got there at about 11:30am. So we walk for miles to get to the end of the line and finally get in (the line did not take that long except when people who saw someone they knew would jump in line). When we got in I told my husband we should hit up the Nom Nom truck first since there line looked the longest.

Now for those of you that do not know the Nom Nom truck then you must not be watching the Food Networks show all about Food Trucks. The Great Food Truck Race is a show about food trucks traveling around the United States and Nom Nom is one of them. So we decided we had to try them since the past two shows we watched they have won first place in both.
So we waited in line....

and waited....

even Tai waited...

at this point we all were so starving that I decided to go see if there was another truck that I could grab something from to tide us over. I found the Slice truck.

This is a pizza truck....

I decided to go with the "Grandma" since I swore I had read about it before on another blog.
And I am so glad I did.

This slice of pizza was so good. It had a thick crust just like I like it. I brought it back to my husband and daughter and before I knew it they had devoured my pizza. When they finished the pizza and we were still in line for Nom Nom I told my husband to go to another truck while I waited and get something else.
He headed off to Barbie's Q.
By the time my daughter and I got up to the front of the line we had been in line for over 1 1/2 hours. So I am thinking this sandwich better taste like the best thing I ever ate.
So here is the menu for the sandwich. You can get pork, lemongrass chicken of tofu. We picked pork.

The girl from the show was the one taking the orders which was cool.

And finally we got our sandwich. We headed off to find my husband and found him still in line. But in the front of the line.

There menu was pretty straight forward.

We decided on the trio of sliders so we could try them all.
Once we got the food we headed over to the table and chairs they had set up. Yeah right were we ever going to find a spot. People were camped out there. Holding spots and leaving no room for anyone else.

We finally just sat in a open space even though it was taken. SORRY! And settled in to eat our food.
First Nom Nom

I did not like this sandwich at all. I thought the bread was hard and the meat was cut in such big pieces that it made it difficult to eat.

Then we went in for the sliders and these were amazing.

The meat was great and the bread was so soft. A+ from me for Barbie's Q
At this point my daughter was over it and wanted to go to the kids area which was put on by Pretend City. She was so happy because she bumped into a old friend and they ran off to get balloon animals. They said goodbye and we set off again.

Thank gosh for our handy wagon.
Now of course at this point the sun is beating down on us and there is no shade in site. I am completely burned I mean like third degree burns. Some stranger in line behind me even offered sunscreen but at that point it was to late. I was so hot, frustrated because lines were long and trucks were out of food that I just said let go home. I missed the opportunity to try the red velvet chocolate chip pancakes and the shaved ice just to name a few. But I was so tried from standing and so burned that I threw in the towel.
All in all the event would have been much better if it would have been at night and the lines did not take so long. I would have rathermade a road trip to L.A then go through that again.
But bottom line is I am sure we will go again but be a little more prepared. Unless they take the hint and throw it at night which would be much better. Hint Hint.

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  1. aww our babys are so close in age!! & I love daddy wearing lil baby! so cute!