Thursday, September 9, 2010

OC Din Din A Go Go! The most amazing food!

My family and I attended the OC Din Din A Go Go event at the K1 Irvine Speedway on Wednesday. This event is every Wednesday from 5:30 – 9pm and hosted by Tropical Shave Ice Truck. Each week they are joined by 2-5 trucks. So my family and I were able to enjoys a couple of food trucks we have been wanting to try and we also got the opportunity to try a truck this week that has become my favorite!

This is one of those event that family will become regulars like we will to come and have great food and a nice evening out(I mean literally outside).
We ordered our food and waited patiently. Even my daughter was excited about trying some of the food.

While waiting my lil boy and my husband had a heart to heart about all the food he would get to enjoy when he is able to eat.

Then the food was ready. We tried a combo of different food from Argentinian food to Peruvian food...

First we tried the caprese empanadas from Piaggio on Wheels. This was ok! I was told we should have let it cool off and eat it cold. But we could not wait and ate it warm. I guess I can say I tried it and I don't think I would order again. My husband also ordered the chicken empanadas and he said it was nothing to brag about.

Then the Chicken Milanesa Sandwich from Piaggio on Wheels(Breaded chicken breast seasoned with garlic and parsley, lightly fried in French bread with lettuce, tomatoes, mayo and chimichurri).
Now this was really good and huge. Well worth the $6.00. The also put this what they call pink sauce on the sandwich which we got on the side. I would recommend not getting it on the side and getting it on the sandwich as it was very good (I have no idea what it is though)

Then we tried the peruvian fried rice. i was not a fan of this due to the red and green pepers but my husband loved it and was even able to enjoy it today for lunch.

But my favorite was the loma saltado from Lomo Arigato. Which is a a mix of Chinese stir-fry and Peruvian meat and french fries served with white rice. OMG this was the BOMB!

Then of course we had to try the truck that put this whole thing together which was the tropical shaved ice truck. My husband and I shared a Strawberry, watermelon, coconut shaved ice topped with sweetened milk.

Even my two month old son wanted a bite. I can't say that I did not sneak him a little lick (between me and you he loved it and was licking his lips)

My daughter got a lemon lime, strawberry, blueberry. i was a little worried since it was a school night but what can a little ice ans sugar syrup hurt.

All in all we had a great time and had great food. The Kogi truck was there with it's usual long line so we did not even go because we can follow them anywhere.
So for anyone ready that wants really great food and for a great price then join us next Wednesday at the same spot. Make sure to stop us and say Hi!
Welcome to my world!

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