Friday, September 24, 2010

Flip Off Friday

Flip off Friday again!

1. The first flip off this week is to myself. Why you ask because this week I did the unthinkable....I locked my new baby in the car!!!!!!!!! So before you throw stone and call child protective services on me , let me explain.
I was getting out of the car and I reached back and opened the back door to go around and get my son out. I hit the lock button on my door and walked to take my son out. Well my daughter who was in the passenger front seat jumped out and came running around the car into the street with a car coming. When I saw this my first reaction was to grab her so when I went for her I hit the door, which closed with my keys on the seat. OMG!!!!!! So I started hysterically crying and lucky my neighbors all helped including a passerby-er that has kids that go to the same school as my daughter stopped and helped. We got him out and he was fine (a little sweaty). Slept the whole time. In total i think he was in there for less then 10 minutes. But is was the longest time ever for me. I beat myself up about it all night till friends started telling me that this has happened to them many times. Now i feel like less of a bad mom.

2. The amount of hours in a day. I drop my daughter off at about 8am on the dot and I am home by 8:10 the latest. By the time I have a light breakfast, shower and read emails it is 12pm and my daughter is out at 1:50. Why can't the school day be longer.

3. The parents at my daughters school who think it is ok to block you in your parking spot. I make it a point to leave to pick up my daughter by 1:30 so that I am there right when she gets out. Which means that I can always get a parking spot. if you show up after 1:40 forget getting a spot that is not around the corner. So parents who decide to arrive at 1:49 when the kids get out pull up and double park. Then they decide they can chit chat with each other while I am stock in the spot. Next time I will think about hitting your car.

That is my Friday Flip off. What are yours?

Welcome to my world!

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  1. Ok, is that your kid? Fliping the bird? I have a few of those pics. The locking in? Don't stress. It happens at least you were right there.