Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Most Amazing Burger! Heart Attack on a Bun!

So for anyone that reads this blog, you know that my family and I have been on a mission to try any and all food trucks in Orange and L.A County. We also follow the Great Food Truck Race on Food Network(my favorite channel). So when we heard Grill em All was going to be in Orange County (LA based truck) we seized the opportunity to get us one of their very famous burgers.

We tracked them down at the Hurley location in Costa Mesa. They were being joined by Kogi(one of our other favorites)and Longboards Ice Cream.

We knew they were going to be there at 6ish. So we left our house at about 5:50pm. We got there around 6:15 and the line was wrapped around the parking lot and the Kogi truck(nice surprise). We decided we were still going to try and hope that we did not get turned away. We also noticed the people who write the blog we read that started us on the food truck mission standing in line in first place. I quickly though of how much extra I was will to pay for this burger to offer it to them so I would not have to stand in line. ;)

I jumped out the car so I could make line and my husband went to park. I would say I was probably behind about 75 people and they had not even opened yet. I thought ok let me prep myself now for not being able to get the burger that was not written on there menu but was what I wanted. I know they only make a select few.

Now on a side note I have to say that one of the greatest thing about these food truck runs are the people you meet and talk to. Including Mr and Mrs Saturday Night Foodie themselves.

While waiting in line my daughter got her Kogi fix with two short rib taco's. She loves these things.

Ok so as we approach the front of the truck I am crossing everything possible in hopes that they have not ran out of the burger I so want to try. Ok I am next and the guy in front of me just orders fries. I walk up and it is Matthew Chernus from the show taking my order. I say with a brave face "Can I get the Behemoth" and Matt says to me "yeah you are getting the last one". OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! I am so excited I feel like I won the lotto (and this hamburger was the prize) I am so excited. I proudly take the change and then turn around to a crowd of people in line that want to KILL me. All because I took the last Behemoth. Sorry peeps but I don't feel bad being that I waited in line for almost two hours and have been waiting to try them forever.

As I am waiting for my food and watching my back that I don't get attacked by the remaining 100 people still in line. I notice that one of the chiefs from the crepes truck on the show is working in the grill em all truck. What that all about?

Then I hear my name and my husband runs up to get our hamburger before the crowd bum rushes it and runs with my burger. And also he wants a picture with Ryan Hawkins on of the other guys from the show and also the cheif.

So let me explain what this hamburger is....

The Behemoth is a $10 burger (well worth the money since my husband, daughter and I all eat some and were stuffed).
This burger was ridiculously huge. The buns were made out of two grilled cheese sandwiches, a 7 oz. beef burger, pickles, beer-soaked onions, bacon and Grill ‘Em All’s Mosh Pit BBQ sauce. Oh and lets not forget they add more cheese to the meat.
Then they have these amazing fries that you can get with truffle oil. Which we did.

So first I let my husband bite it and I think his eyes rolled back into his head.

Then my daughter got her bite and she gave me two thumbs up.

And then my husband came in to give me my bite.

Oh yes it was amazing and one of the best burgers I have ever had. Well worth the $10 bucks.
The fries were good but next time I would get without the truffle oil.

Oh my gosh I am stuffed. My husband looks at me and says lets head back to HB and hit up the Tropical Shaved Ice Truck for dessert. My daughter scream "yeah" ok I say kicking a scream (yeah right).
We met up with Mr and Mrs Saturday night foodie again at the shaved ice truck and we all enjoyed the most amazing soft, lightest most flavorful shaved ice I have ever tasted. My husband had 808 (pineapple, guava, coconut) with ice cream and a snow cap(sweet milk). My daughter had the same minus the coconut (sub watermelon) and not ice cream or snow cap.
I had a melona, raspberry, watermelon mix with a snow cap. Now even though it was 62 degrees outside and i was in a tank top I ate every last drop. i also met rick the owner who is a really cool guy. Thanks Rick.

On our way home now with stuffed bellies I told my husband that my daughter loves eating off the trucks and asks to go to them nightly if not every other day. So i think we are going to have her start her own blog about what she like and does not like about food trucks. Stay Posted!

For those of you out there that have these preconcevied notions about food on a truck. I get you because i still see "Roach couches" rolling around at lunch time. But this is different this is amazing food at great prices from people who love what they are doing and the people they are serving.

Try It! You'll Like It!

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