Saturday, July 17, 2010

Another Crazy Day in My Life!

Yesterday was two weeks since my son was born, so he had his two week check up.

We decided to do a day of doctors. We scheduled a two weeks check up for Tai, physical for my daughter and then the two week check up for me (standard with c-section).

Tai and Emma's appointment was at 9 and 9:30. They have the same pediatrician and we love her. We get to the Dr's about 5 minutes late(typical Lopez Family) and they tell us to get the baby naked and that they will see him first since he will take longer then my daughter.

Now I have been a little concerned about how much he is eating because as you can tell from previous posts that I have been having issues breastfeeding. Not the latching on but that I think I am not producing enough.

So we get the little guy naked and put him on the scale....
Now he weighed 5pds 6 oz at birth. Four days later he weighed 5pds 2oz (which they say is normal that they loss weight after being born) and then at the two week check up they should have gained it all back. Well my son weighed 5pds exactly. So they send us to the room and we wait for the Dr to come in...

Before I knew it the Dr rushed in and sat down and said Mr's Lopez we are going to have to admit Tai to the hospital. Well peeps I have to say I lost it. I remember holding Tai in my arms at the time and immediately starting to hyperventilate. I don't remember anything she said to me after except Hospital, Dehydrated, IV, Jaundice. All at once. This is alot to handle for a mom working on limited sleep already battling the fact that breastfeeding is really not going well.

Both my husband and her say "Calm down, don't drop the baby!" since I had him in my arms. The Dr grabs him and my husband rushes over to calm me down. We start talking about what is happening which the Dr says that because Tai is a Preemie he lacks the ability to suck hard enough to get enough milk. Which is causing him to not get enough fluids and also the Jaundice. She says before she send us to the hospital that she would like us to offer him the dreaded F word.....Formula! And see if he will take to it and also draw blood.

She whips out a bottle of formula and my husband steps in to feed him (as I am still crying and a mess). Tai first makes this ugly stank face when he gets it into his mouth and then immediately starts gulping it down. Within 5 minutes he has finished the bottle which was 2ozs. So the Dr says based on that what she will do is send us home to supplement feed Tai over the weekend and also send us home with a BILLY blanket for the Jaundice (this is a UV light for babies with Jaundice that they sleep on all day long). So with a sigh of relief we agree to do whatever needed to get Tai healthy.

Before we run off to the lad to draw his blood(dad had to take him because I could not see them poke my little guy). My daughter got her chance to get her physical (I think with all the commotion that we almost forgot about her physical) but she made sure to rock the paper gown like no other little girl. I love her and her fashion sense.

So overnight my son has been formula fed and sleeping on a UV light a he seems to be doing much better. Monday we will find out if he needs to be hospitalized. Keep your fingers crossed.

Welcome to my world!

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