Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First day without my other half!

So yesterday was my first day without my other half. My husband has been home with me for almost three weeks. And I have been spoiled for three weeks. But yesterday that all ended for me when the alarm went off at 5:30 in the morning. :(

He was originally supposed to go back to work this Monday but for anyone that reads this blog know that we had a little scare on Friday's 2 weeks check up for my son. This required us to go back in on Monday to see if he had gained weight and also the jaundice had gone away.

This weekend my little guy spent most of his weekend on his uv light...

And I am proud to say that he gained 3 oz's and also has no trace of jaundice. Thank you GOD!

I have to say that my son loved sleeping on his billie blanket (UV LIGHT). And I am sad to see it go as I think it helped him sleep at night. Look how relaxed he is...

So since all is well with my son my husband went back to work.

I immediately missed him after he left for the day and wished he would come back. The day was forever long but he called many times and texted to check on everyone. My son is a very easy going baby and really only cries to eat (if you even call it a cry)so the day was really easy. Although I did notice that I am very tired today for whatever reason.

When he did come home he immediately went for the baby and about 15 minutes later gave me a kiss hello! Go figure!

Today was easy also since my son sleeps and majority of the time and my daughter has been outside playing with our neighbor. Gotta love the neighborhood kids that keep my daughter busy.

Welcome to my world!

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