Monday, July 12, 2010

Issues Breastfeeding

Today is not a good day for me!!!!!

I really am having trouble with breastfeeding. I never breastfed my other two kids but with this baby I promised myself and my husband that I would at least try and breastfeed. I wanted to make sure I at least got him the colostrum (medicine my husband calls it). I feel I accomplished that. And have strictly breastfed for the past 10 days of his life but I am getting the feeling that my little guy is not getting enough.

I realize that he is considered a premie and they take longer to adjust, but I feel that he is not getting enough milk. My breast never feel full like some of the blog and forums say they should. He nurses and then seems hungry again right away. I also have tried to pump and only get 1oz out of both of them. I have read that a newborn his age should be eating 2-3 oz every couple hours. Also he is still pooping green and should be in the yellow stages.

This issue for me has seriously caused me to have panic attacks that my little guy is lacking in a major way the nutrition he needs to function. I want to continue to breastfeed as I know the benefits. But I also do not want to constantly worry that he is not getting enough. This really has a way of making me feel like a failure as a mother and provider. I have never wished to be called or though of as a cow until now!

Why can't we all make it look this cool like Angelina Jolie. With shades in her cabana!

Breastfeeding is not fun!!!!

Welcome to my World!

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