Wednesday, July 28, 2010

First Public Urination!

Yesterday we decided to take my daughter to our local indoor bounce house for their weekly "Glow Night". This is a indoor bounce house were they turn off all the lights give the kids a ton of glow sticks and turn on blacklights and loud music. My daughter LOVED IT!!!!! $8.00 spent wisely!

My husband and I decided to sit out in the waiting room because we had the baby with us. We sat out in the waiting room and talked. Then the baby got hungry so we feed him. I decided I would change him since it had been a little bit since I had changed his diaper. Changed his diaper and handed him to my husband. All the sudden the baby made a loud grunt and then we smelled it. I HAD JUST CHANGED HIM MINUTE AGO!!!!

So my husband said I will do it. So we get out another diaper and wipes and my husband goes in for the kill. He cleans all the poop up and then all the sudden my little peanuts starts peeing everywhere. And when I say everywhere I mean everywhere.
On me, my husband, himself and even the wall next to him. He is looking up at his dad like "OH yeah that feels nice". Until it gets on his face and then he makes the weird look like "What the hell was that".

My husband and I are cracking up at the big puddle he has created on the floor (which dripped down the wall into a massive puddle)See picture.....

We immediately start to look around at who has seen my son in all his glory and realize no ones know what happened. We start to clean up the evidence but not before my husband whipped out his camera to take a picture of his sons first public urination. I say first because I have a feeling somehow that this will not be his last.

Welcome To My World!

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