Monday, July 19, 2010

Newest Blogger of the Family

For anyone who reads my blog you know that my best friend/husband really is a great father and a amazing husband(and I am not the only one that thinks so).

So for awhile he pushed me to share my crazy life with everyone out in cyber world and start a blog. At the time I thought...NO WAY. That is just one more thing I have to add to my collection of things on my daily to do list. Then I though what the hell....

Life With My Little Peanuts was born!!!!!

I am pleased to say that this morning my husband woke up with a epiphany to join me in the blogging world and start his own blog. I love to see him so passionate, determined, excited about doing something other then making gorgeous babies ;)

So he set off this morning on creating his Rocking Dad Blog

He did decide to squeeze in a little cat nap in between working on it to take a little nap with our newest addition Tai

Don't they look alike?

Join him in his adventures of being a edgy, funny, rocker dad and husband. And get the other side to all of my crazy stories.

Good Luck Honey...and before you hit publish i must approve of everything you write about me! J/K

Welcome to my world!

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