Sunday, July 11, 2010

One week old newborn and 6 year old bored child!

So we have officially hit the one week mark with our newest little peanut Tai! I have to say that he is a very good baby. He sleeps and eats well. Hardly ever cries except to tell us that he is hungry or wet/dirty diaper. I hope we can continue on this path as I have heard from people they had a great newborn and that all changed after a couple weeks. Crossing my fingers and toes that I don't have this problem.

My six year old is another story.

She is having a hard time adjusting to a new brother in the house and the fact that we try and stay home as much as possible (except to eat and I have gone to Target to get diapers). She wants to go places and do things. Lucky for me my husband has been and is home for another week. I wish it was longer but I will make the most of this next week and the help with both of them.

I have decided to put my daughter three times a week into the boys and girls club because she is just so bored this summer. And we still have about 7 weeks till we are back at school. She is very excited as the days I have picked for her to go are days when they go to Knotts, wild rivers, etc. So she will get her fix of friends and fun things to do in the summer. But OMG is it expensive. I mean for 6 weeks it is going to cost about $500. That is alot of dough! But I think worth it when it comes to her whining that she is bored and wants to do something.

Welcome to My World!

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