Thursday, August 26, 2010

My little monkeys sleep sac!

So my little monkey has been sleeping anywhere from 3-4 hours at night before getting up for a bottle. This is unless we put him in bed with us and then we can get about 5-6 hours. As much as I want the 5-6 I just don't want him to become one of those kids that sleeps in mommy and daddies bed. So I suck it up every night and put him in his bed.

Now because I am home with my little peanut all day while my husbands goes to work (in 100 degree weather) Sunday through Thursday I take all the night shifts. I do not ask him to help at all. I figure this is only fair since I can stay home and he has to go off to work.

With that being said I really want my little guy to sleep longer since i don't sleep well at night with getting up so much. Selfish I know but when people think that us stay at home moms just nap all day they are so wrong. Ok well I do know of someone who does nap pretty much most of the day and has her daughter watch the baby. But not me!

I noticed that my little monkey when he gets startled by even the smallest noise, his arm and legs flair and he sometimes wakes up. I also noticed that at night after I have put him down and tucked him in that when I go to get him he has managed to kick off his blanket and his skin is freezing.

So as most of you know since I own a childrens boutique ( - shameless plug)I started looking at what we had to help prevent his blankets from being kicked off in the night and that maybe helping him sleep longer since the blanket could keep him warm and maybe startled less.
That is when I found this....

We carry the Aden and Anais Sleep Sacks. This thing is amazing. I should have know since the blanket I use for him is a Aden and Anais swaddle blanket. But this sleep sack has prevented him from kicking it off because there is no way and also sleep long. What a blessing.
He even likes it check out his face after a good nights rest.

I could get used to him waking up like this every morning.
So check out our site under swaddle/bunting and check out the sleep sacks. They come in great boy and girl prints.

Welcome to my world.

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