Sunday, August 1, 2010

Date Night!

This Friday my husband was in a amazing mood! He normally is always in a good mood but today was unlike any other.

First he called me at his lunch break and said he was buying us this high tech camera that I have been wanting for a long time. I call it the paparazzi camera as it is not a digital camera but one that is used by the paparazzi when they get your favorite celebrity shot. I told him not to as it was very expensive but he did it anyway.

Then a couple hours later he called to say that he wanted to take me on a date night tonight and to see if my mom could watch my daughter and the baby. Of course my mother jumped on the opportunity to watch the kids.

My husband came home and we got ready to head off on our date night to the Melting Pot.

We have never been there before and we were very excited as we had heard great things. We just honestly could never get up the urge to spend over $100 on dinner for the two of us.

We got there and had the most amazing dinner...

We had great conversation and great food. And I have to say was well worth the $100 for great food and a great night with my husband.

With that being said we could have gone out after but just could not wait to get back to our little ones.

Thanks Honey for a Great Night!

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