Friday, August 20, 2010

7 week old chunker!

So today my son is 7 weeks old.

I have to say that time flies when you are having fun. Everyone is madly in love with the little guy and his great attitude and demeanor.

OMG but how he has grown. When he was born her was 5pounds

Three days after being born.

Now he weighs a whole 8 pounds.

he is also wearing the same shirt that now actually fits him good!

Everyone says he looks so different every day. I guess I do not see it because I am with him 24/7 so I don't see the difference. I do see the weight on him because he is finally out of preemie and in newborn clothes (only took 2 mths).

He is very healthy and when he is actually awake is a little caricature.

Update on me....
Last week I packed up my breast pump and said goodbye. No tears during our goodbye. Just a long talk about how I feel defeated and that she was never a good friend. We included the girls(boobs) in the conversation also as i realize that they played a major part in not producing. We hugged it out and I put her away for MAYBE the next one.

Speaking of next one. I also went to my 6 weeks gyno check after the baby. I got the all clear to go back to work (like if what I have been doing for the past six weeks is not hard work) and also to have sex with my husband (insert husband with a big grin) with that I right away said "lets talk birth control". So I went on the pill. I have been on it for 5 days and I have to say I think the pressure of making sure I take at the same time every day is alot. especially because it requires me to remember to do it (always forgot my prenatal's during pregnancy). So I think I might go back and ask for the shot.
So that me in a nut shell.
OHHH and I am counting the days till school starts. 19 days!!! This is going to be the longest two weeks.

Welcome to my world!

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