Tuesday, August 3, 2010

CuPCaKe OvErLoAd!

Sunday my family and I (I think I was the most excited) decided we were going to attend the Cupcake Camp OC event in Irvine.

At the last minute my daughter decided to go swimming at her friends house so I thought ok maybe we won't go and catch up on our sleep! No Way! I can never turn down a good cupcake! So my husband and I decided to go without my daughter (even though I knew she would be mad).

So we set off and got there before the event started at 3pm and first there was NO parking at the hotel. Then the line to get into the event was huge. Lucky for us when you had a stroller you had to take the elevator instead of the stairs like the majority of people and we managed to get in right away and had to stand in no line.

You paid $10 to get in(went to a good charity) and got three raffle tickets that got you gourmet cupcakes and then you could have unlimited amateur cupcakes.

This place was packed! We should not have brought the stroller! Even though it got us to the front of the line!

Here are some images of some amazing cupcakes...


The cupcake displays were great

Even my husband was getting into it

Then we found the cupcake of all cupcakes. I mean this was the best cupcake I have ever tasted. Made by a company called My Delight Cup Cakery. It is called the breakfast cucpake.

Yes that is bacon on this cupcake. Read the ingredients. This was the best. My husband was nice enough to share...

One of my favorites was a cupcake made by a amateur. It was a peanut butter and jelly cupcake. It had strawberry jelly inside the cupcake when you bit into it. OMG!!

We had a good time. it was very crowded and next year should be at a bigger venue and they surely got the crowd. People came in with Tupperware to take home their cupcakes. We were not prepared.

But I can never turn down the opportunity to sample cupcakes!

Welcome to my world!

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