Friday, August 6, 2010

My little peanut is 5 weeks old!

I can not believe how fast time goes. My little monkey is 5 weeks old today.
He is no longer my wrinkled up baby. He is filling in his skin perfectly.

He is such a amazing baby. I really am lucky. We call him the grunter because he is always grunting. My daughter says he is growling (that could be because she is going through a animal faze right now herself).

Since getting my new camera I have been taking pictures of all his little features

His Ear

His Hands

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE taking pictures of his little feet!
I do also take some face shots

But I think he has a "no picture policy" like his momma!

I really love my new camera! I know it was pricey, but well worth the investment! Who know maybe I will take up photography!

Update on me post baby....
I am still having a issue with breastfeeding. I can only get about a ounce out of the left boobie and half a oz out of the right. This means my son gets at least a couple bottles of breast milk a day. I am pumping, which I have to say is a pain the a**! I hate having to sit there for 30 minutes with my boob exposed and being violently sucked into a contraption that does not give me the results I want.

I have also been taking the Fenugreek daily. Which is supposed to help bring in the milk flow. I don't think it is working. Funny thing about the pill is it makes me smell like french toast. No really my pee, sweat, hair everything smells like syrup. My daughter smelled my arm yesterday and said "mommy you smell like syrup". My husband went into the restroom after me using it (going number 1) and he said the bathroom smells like french toast. Then later that afternoon he said your hair smells like syrup.

At least I smell yummy and not like s**t!

I love my son (and my other two kids). And enjoy being able to work from home while i take care of everyone. Even if it does get crazy around here sometimes (who am I kidding) all the time.

Welcome to my world!

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