Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Flip Off!!!

So I just learned about this amazing thing in the blog world called
Flip Off Friday!
This is when you list things that have happened that just require the amazing middle finger.

Yes that is my little monkey giving the camera his middle finger.

1* The cat that thinks it is fun to shit in my front yard!
My next door neighbors cat Tiger thinks that my front yard is his personal litter box. I think it is unfair that dog owners when they take their dogs out are required by law to pick up after their dogs. But cat owners who let their cats run around the neighborhood have no responsibilities. Nothing is worse then having to pick up after someones nasty cat (I do not like cats!). I promise the next time I catch him I will squirt him with my hose!

2* My stuffy nose!
Every night my nose decides that it would like to be stuffed with boogers. My inability to breathe causes me to not be able to sleep between night feedings for my son. Which also means my husband has to hear me blow the horn(what it sounds like when I blow my nose). Which has even startled my son awake also. Which means no sleep -bitchy mom!

3* Nasty Lady a the 99cents store!
Yesterday my son and I ran into 99 cents store for a hairbrush for my daughter since she thought it would be fun to use it outside to do god knows what with her friends. My son and I get in line where a lady and her husband are almost finished being rung up. Then decide that they forgot something. Run back and get it come up to the register and ask "How much it is" are you f**king kidding me. We are at the 99cents store! Then she lets the checker finish ringing up her products and once told the total proceeds to look in her bag to see how she could have possibly spent so much. At this point I am getting annoyed because i just need to pay for my brush. Then once she is done she hands the checker the money and then wants to take back the money and use some of her spare change! I am about ready to lose it. FINALLY when she hands over the money and I go up to give my brush to the checker she decided she would like to clean out her receipts from her purse in the cashier aisle so I can't move forward to pay. I gave her the dirtiest look and she realized she better hurry the hell up and moved to the side. So my flip off is to all the people who hold up cashier lanes, forget items and expect to hold up the line, pay with change, and just all in all are a pain in the ASS!!!!

4* The Heat
All the sudden California was hit with a heat wave. Yesterday was so hot. I feel the next couple months are going to be hell since we had a late start to warm weather this summer. I hate the heat.

5* My husbands fascination with giving the city money!
As I am sitting here getting ready to pay my husbands third traffic ticket in 6 mths. Yes third in six months. I realize we have given over $700 to the city for all the traffic infractions my husband has made. He is known to have a little bit of road rage and yes I hold onto the handle when he drives. But he just has amazing bad luck when it comes to cops and tickets lately!


  1. This will make you feel better about your cat shitting in the front yard. My poops in the house on the rug when I don't empty on little pee from the cat liter! UGH!! Your peanut is adorable, even if he is flipping of the camera! Too sweet!

  2. I love that picture! I'm completely with you on the people messing about at the till in shops. It happened to me not that long ago. A woman kept wanting to put things back to get her total to a certain amount. I had my baby with me, who was crying for her feed, I was not happy. So I'll join you in flipping them off!