Monday, August 2, 2010

Saturday Night with the Family!

Saturday morning we woke up and were very excited to being going to a Cupcake Camp OC event(more info to come). Till I realized that the event was not Saturday but actually Sunday. My brain just does not work right lately.

So my husband and I were sitting at the dinning room table eating breakfast when we decided we were going to go to San Diego for the day. After looking up the city and seeing what there was to do besides the zoo and sea world, we decided that it was not the best place to take the kids for the day and they they would be bored.

So after awhile we decided to take my daughter and my nephew to the Santa Monica Pier

But first we had to make a pit stop at grandma and grandpa since they live out that way and have dinner together so they can see their grand babies.

Then we headed off for a fun night (for the kids that is)...

The kids got on the rides right away and were having a blast...

My daughter had such a good time!

Then she saw this stuffed toy she has been wanting since we went to the Orange County Fair.
So she enlisted her father to win her and her cousin a Domo doll.

I am pleased to say it only required two plays and $6.00. Good Job babe!
toward the end of the night everyone was getting tired...

The funnest thing was when my son showed my husband how he felt about being there and not being able to ride any of the rides.


All in all we had a great time!

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