Sunday, August 8, 2010

Quest to find the best Roach Coach food!

My family and I have been on a quest to find the best roach coach food!
Ok let me explain.

I would never eat of one of those no name trucks you see in the alley or pulling up to a warehouse.

For those of you that don't know there are a ton of trucks out there that are considered the gourmet food trucks of OC.

The most famous I would say would be Kogi. A Korean BBQ that is AMAZING! There short rib taco's are the best ever.

We decided yesterday to venture out of our comfort zone and check out another taco truck called Dos Chinos.

We found that they were going to be at the Old Court House in Santa Ana(also out of our comfort zone). So we jumped in the car and headed off for lunch.

When we got there we expected a line like we stand in when we follow the Kogi truck (sometimes over a hour wait...yes for a taco truck. It is that good). There was no one at all. It was a ghost town.

We find parking behind the truck and set off to buy our tacos

We decide on our taco's and we had heard about their amazing fries. So we ordered those also.
The first tacos we ordered are the Dos Chinos Carne Asada

The were pretty good. My daughter loves Kogi and she was not impressed. I could tell cause she ate the tortilla instead of the meat.
Then we ordered Garden Grove Short Rib (left) and the Hollywood Chicken (on the right).

The Garden Grove Tacos were horrible. The Hollywood chicken taco was amazing.
It was thai coconut curry chicken with tamarind sour cream sauce. OMG! I wanted more!
Then the Garlic Fries. I did not like them. But my husband and daughter said they were OK!

We made this a family event.

So my opinion is that we will go back to the Dos Chinos, but only for the Hollywood Chicken Tacos.

Off to the next truck.

Welcome to my World!

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