Thursday, June 17, 2010

34 week DR's visit! Fun!!!!!

This morning is my 34 week DR's visit. Every visit up until now has been a easy go. Meaning I have no problem getting up and going to the Dr's because I know that I am in and out within 20 minutes (unless he is delivering a baby). This is because all he does is ask me how I am, ask if I have any questions, and then check the heart rate of the baby. Then I am done and see you in 4 weeks.

But now that I am in the home stretch I think he is going to start doing the va-ja-ja weekly check. You know the one where you already feel alot of pressure down there and he adds to that by poking to see if you are dilated. Fun Right! Not for me.

I also feel it is like getting ready for a date as you have to make sure that you are well groomed in that area which at 34 weeks pregnant shaving my legs is a task let alone that area.

I am also a little scared because my daughter was born at 34 weeks by emergency c-section. So I am hoping this little peanut decides that it is pretty comfortable in my belly that he will stay a little while longer. Not that I want to be pregnant anymore but because it is what is best for him.

Will keep you posted as to how the visit goes.

Welcome to my World!

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