Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Monday!

Well for anyone that has been reading our blog knows that this weekend was our Baby Shower for our newest addition to the family.
It was alot of fun.
Halfway through the shower my husband says to me
"OMG I have not taken one picture of the shower or the people here".
So he started snapping pictures and taking video of the shower. I can't blame him as the day all seems like a blur since you spend the day talking and entertaining your guests.
We played a really funny game. Called play-dough babies. I highly recommend this game at a shower as everyone had a great time. You give everyone a little bit of play-dough and have them make a baby out of the play-dough. Simple right! You should see some of these babies....

It even kept the kids busy.
We had a great time and got alot of great items for Tai.
Everyone loved his new nursery. Which was nice for my husband and I since he painted and designed the wall mural and a designed the bedding.
We had a amazing day!
My cousin asked if she could take my daughter and son to her condo to swim and I jumped on the opportunity to have a couple hours with no children around. They left and I thought my husband and I were going to finish cleaning up and relax. But he had other motives and told me to shower and get dressed we were going on a afternoon date. Got to love that man.
He took me to see Sex and The City 2 (since I have been bugging about going, but never have time) and then we saw Get Him To The Greek (yes we snuck in to see another movie, don't act like you have never done it). Sex in the City was horrible. Which was a huge disappointment(now I can see why Shrek beat it at the box office). Get Him To the Greek was funny!
After we did some returns from the shower went home and sat down to eat dinner and the kids came home right as we sat down.
They both were burned out from the pool and my daughter was a little burned on her back as daddy forgot to put sunscreen on her back. Poor little girl. So we sent everyone to shower put them to bed early and then sat down to eat our cold dinner and watch the MTV Movie Awards. We were also in bed by 9:20 and asleep about two minutes later. It was a long weekend. But much fun.
Thanks to my husband for throwing me a amazing shower and also taking me on afternoon date day yesterday. I love you Babe!

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