Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Second Day Of Summer!

So today was a much better summer day for my daughter.

Her little cousin was here all day and have been outside playing for HOURS! I of course still have to check in and make sure they are doing good.

Lucky that my front yard has a big play yard (slide, tubes, etc) that is fenced in so they can't go near the street. This has kept them busy all day.

It is amazing to listen to the things they will make up to play. Their imagination is great. I remember when I was that little!

This morning they made paper shoes and cards and tried selling them on our street. That did not work. They lowered their prices. Still no takers.

So I thought ok we have a ton of candy from the baby shower (we had a candy bar) that we in our house do not need to eat. So I just finished letting them set up a candy shop outside to sell.

My daughter the business woman like her mommy!

They want to make enough money to go have ice cream after dinner. I will keep everyone posted as to how much they make. Fingers crossed!!!

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