Friday, June 4, 2010

Nesting Faze!

So I am going on 33 weeks pregnant and this little boy wants out as bad as I want him out. He is now the size of a Pineapple.

OMG I have a Pineapple in my belly! Everything is starting to get uncomfortable again. Last night was a hard night for me...
First my husband and I had a discussion about how every little thing is making me upset or sad. Example - my daughter while taking a shower got water all over the bathroom floor and when dad took her out he neglected to clean it up (Lakers were on). When I went to take a shower last night I stepped on a wet floor mat. When I got out I let him have it about if he was to busy to give her a shower and clean up after her he should have just asked me to do it. He told me he was going to clean it up but just forgot about it for a minute. About two minutes later I apologized and started crying because I was mean. We hugged it out and it was better. We went to bed and I tossed and turn from 11:30 - 1:30 and then gave up and went to my couch, turned on the t.v and feel asleep. Up every couple hours but was able to fall back asleep.
Now this morning I have been on a nesting faze (well really for the past couple days) but I got my custom designed crib bedding a couple days ago and I have been obsessed.

Isn't it great! Thanks Amber You Rock!

Doesn't this look amazing and soft. IT IS SOFTER THEN IT LOOKS!

Only thing missing is our little peanut!
So my husband must be nesting also because he is on a cleaning frenzy. It could also be that my shower is tomorrow and we will have a house full of family and friends. Maybe that's it. Oh I love my husband!
I remember with my daughter towards the end I would fold and unfold her clothes. Now I am just obsessed with cleaning everything. Well at least my house will be clean before the baby comes! I am not responsible once he is here and I am lacking more sleep then I am now.
Welcome to my world!

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