Monday, June 21, 2010

Offically Summer Break!

So today marked the first day of summer break for my daughter and son.

My son is 16 years old and has his own plans, friends, "girlfriends", etc. So as summer break approached for him I was not so concerned. Although I did want him to go out and get a job. Which is of no interest to him at 16. But if he want a car on his 17th birthday he better get out and join the work force.

My daughter was the main concern for me. I am quickly approaching my due date and get more irritable and tired daily. I knew that trips to Disneyland and Knotts where not a option for me. Which sucks for her because she does not understand how tired I get just walking around for 10 minutes.

With my whole baby scare last week my doctor has kinda put me on home bed rest till he is back in town on July 5th. So our first day of summer break I wake my daughter up and tell her mommy has a appointment for the baby so we have to go to the hospital. Instead of giving me a hard time she eats her cereal and gets herself dressed and ready. I was concerned she would be bored sitting in the room for 30 minutes while they monitor the baby and then a quick fluid ultrasound. I was so amazed at how well she did. She brought her little penguin and her DS and was a happy girl.

After leaving the hospital we make a quick stop at Target. I get her a Icee and she did really well at the store (did not ask to buy anything, or complain about how long it was taking). We finally get home and I make her some lunch. After lunch she plays in her room a little bit and then comes out and says she is bored. Now we do not have kids her age in the neighborhood. So it's not like she can go outside and play with her friends. This makes me start to wonder what the heck the next two in a half months are going to be like for her and I. Any suggestions??????

Welcome to my world!

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  1. have you thought about a family day care? Most kids her age do well as they are able to interact with kids her age. It can be part time 3 hrs 2-3 days a week. It gives you time to rest and gives her the play time she so desperately needs.