Thursday, June 17, 2010

Update on 34 weeks visit!!!!

So I drop my daughter off at school and head off to the Dr's (by myself). I get there and find out while sitting in the waiting room that my DR is going ofd on a medical mission and is leaving tomorrow. I think Ok no big deal my actual due date if I make my scheduled c-section is July 19th and he will be back on July 5th.

So they call my name and I go with my favorite nurse ever and she takes me to weigh in. So last visit 4 weeks ago I had lost 4 pounds. This time I gained 3 pounds. Ok no big deal. I go in and pee and meet her in room 3.

The minute I walked in I saw on the table a gown and then on the counter a swab (like for your yearly exam). So of course I started to panic. I asked what they were going to do today and she said the Group B Strep Test. Normal at 34 weeks. So I get up on the table and she proceeds to say that my urine looks good and that she will take my blood pressure. As she is taking my blood pressure the look on her face shows signs of worry. She takes off the cuff and moves to the other arm. She finishes and say that my blood pressure is very high.

She asks me to get undressed and lay on my left side and she will leave the blood pressure cuff for the Dr to retake it when he comes in.

I start to get undressed and can feel the stress. I lay on my left side and stare out the window thinking about almost to the day my daughter was born at the same time (34 weeks and two days / I am 34 weeks and 3 days). I hear the knock on the door and my heart skips and beat. He comes in and says that my blood pressure is very high and that is causing him some concern (deja vu- I heard the same with my daughter). He gets out the little machine that lets him hear the baby's heartbeat. Now on Monday the baby was laying left to right in my belly. I tell him this and he starts to look for the heart beat. I am looking up at him and I start to see worry on his face because he can't find the little peanut. Finally after more time then it should take he finds the baby is breech and the heart beat is going at a pace I can tell is not good. He proceeds to listen and I ask "Are you sure that is not my heartbeat?" He grabs my wrist and listens to the machine and my heart. He again gets that look. He turn the machine off and says I am concerned and that he is sending me STAT for labs and Fetal stress tests. He tells me that he is leaving tomorrow for two weeks and that he needs to decide what we are going to do? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? I say and he said delivery or 5 weeks of bed rest in the hospital. OMFG!!!!!!!!!

Off I go with tears in my eyes as all this bad news did not help with my stress and call my husband. My husband calms me down and asks if he should come to the fetal stress test. I tell him no but I will call him when I am done. I go to the stress test place and the very nice nurse gets me to the room and starts asking alot of questions. How far along, past childbirths, etc. After answering 20 questions she starts to try and locate the baby. She has the hardest time even though I guide her to where the DR found him. No luck. She finally finds him and says I will be back in 10 minutes to check on you. After she leaves and I am laying in the bed my head starts spinning, I feel like I am going to hurl all over the place and I get very dizzy and blurred vision. I realize I should not but I sit up and feel better right away. I see the monitor loses the babies heartbeat and the nurses who can see the monitor out in the lobby all come running. They say what are your doing? (because I am sitting up). I explain how I started feeling and they say OK no problem (they are the best nurses ever / if only I could get that when I deliver) they set me up again but this time on my side which works and I give them 20-30 minutes of a good fetal heart rate and movement. Then they want to do a amniotic fluid check (aka ultrasound). I get in and the nurse lathers me up with the famous goop and proceed to scan how much fluid the baby has. She tells me "this baby is not breech. He is head down." she shows me that he is ready to make his entrance. After the ultrasound she tells me they will send the results to my Dr by lunch and he should give me a call. OK so that wait game begins. I then head to the blood lab to get my blood drawn. That went as wells as possible for someone who is terrified of needles.
I ask how soon the STAT results will get tot the DR and she said by days end. So that was at 12pm.

I head home hungry, scared, nervous, anxious, etc. Call my husband and tell him I will call him when I hear anything.

I get home and eat some cereal and then head off to pick up my daughter.

I get a call from the Dr's office at about 2:30pm and the nurse says that DR wants me back in his office tomorrow at 8:15 (they don't even open till 9am) to recheck and talk about our options. I ask if they got the results back and she said the blood work yes (and that I was severely anemic and my calcium was very low)I say OK I will be there.

Oh and by the way he did do the Va Ja Ja strep test which was very uncomfortable.

Here I sit now packing my hospital bag, getting his stuff ready and blogging! Still nervous, more worried then ever. Am I ready for him. I kept saying I was over being pregnant but I take it back!

So tomorrow we will find out if we are getting a early fathers day present or I am on bed rest for at least the next two - five weeks. At this point I feel my body and him in it is doing him more harm the help so I have no problems if they say they want to take him out. That and I know I could never do 2 weeks in the hospital let alone 5 weeks.

Keep you posted!

Welcome to my world!

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