Sunday, June 13, 2010

My six year old fashionista!

Since when did my six year old think she was such a fashionista.
Every morning she fights me on what I pick for her to wear. She said she hates that shirt, skirt, etc or that the outfit does not match (this is funny because that is a pet peeve of mine that you go out with your kids not matching). Yet she has been known to come out with a strange color combo.
I try explaining I would never send her to school or out looking bad and she says "Yes you are sending me to school looking ugly now".
Now that is just trying to get her dressed. Doing her hair is a whole other deal. My daughter has always been complimented on her hair (color, length, softness) and she is so weird about always having it down. Never wanting it cut. Sometimes I can convince her to put in a clip or headband but that is as good as it gets.

She asks me why she does not get to pick out her clothes and I told her once she can buy them for herself then she can pick out the clothes she wants.
Her response to me
"Then maybe you can pay me for the chores I do around the house" (she does nothing but clean her own room)
Smart cookie!

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