Tuesday, June 15, 2010

3D ultrasound Horror

So yesterday evening we were scheduled for our last ultrasound of this pregnancy. And it was going to be fun because it was going to be in 3D.

I was not feeling very well before we left for the appointment at 6pm but really wanted to see a picture of our little peanut. Especially after I saw a friends newborn yesterday.

So I got in the car and off we went.

Right before we got there I said to my husband...
"What if they told us we are having a girl" (reminder we have been told a boy, the room is painted, clothes and bedding have been washed)
he said...
"What can we do? If it is it is."
I love his chill attitude about the whole thing but I would die!

So we get to the imaging center and they proceed to prep me. This means cover my stomach with this gel that is sticky and gross and gets everywhere.

So I have a male tech and he starts the ultrasound. Their is also a lady (teacher) in the room who helps him navigate around. No problem I don't care if my baby and I are used to help educate. They ask if I know the sex of the baby and I say yes but that I would like for them to tell me what they see. They say ok and proceed to look. They both at the same time say...... "It's a Girl!" my reaction was oh sh*t!!!!
Then they ask if they are right and I said that we were told it was a boy. So they start looking again and then about 15 mins later say they see his testicles but no penis. OK so I start getting really nervous and upset. They told me he is at a weird angle but that now they see he is a boy.

I am not sure at this point I believe anyone.

So now they move on to the measurements of the baby. They each take a seat. One on my left side and one on my right. My husband and daughter are seated by my feet. They start doing the measurements and talking about how the male tech's wife is having a difficult pregnancy and their not sure what is going to happen with the pregnancy. Hello I am laying here on my back in a very uncomfortable position, trying to figure out what you are looking at, not wanting to hear about your personal pregnancy issues. They then start talking about the World Cup! I am getting really sick now.

The male tech asks the female if what he is looking at on the screen is the babies head and she said "No that is his stomach." WHAT!!!! You can't tell his stomach from his head. Ok I am done. I tell them to stop and that I am going to hurl from laying on my back for about a hour now. The female teachers says get up and walk around and maybe the baby will move into a better position. I get up and tell my husband I am done and want to leave. I was feeling sick and very hot! But we came here to see him in 3d and they had not even shown us a thing.

So I went back in and they covered me in the goo again and started over. I told them to please get to the 3D as I was not feeling well and would not be able to stay much longer on my back. So after a couple tries the male tech kept pulling up a 3d image of a blob and could not get a shot. I looked at the teacher and said please get me someone else.

She said ok and got this young girl who came in a was AMAZING. She showed us everything, explained what she was doing instead of talking about the World CUP. She got us some amazing shots of him drinking his fluid, playing with his hand and sucking on his fingers. Why could I not have had her in the first place. She was the right person to put with a OB patient. I realize that the imaging center is not just for OB visits. But maybe if you are a OB Patient you should be put with someone who enjoys OB and also knows the difference between a head and babies stomach!

Either that or the baby really is a boy and likes the ladies!

Stay posted for images!

Welcome to my world!

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