Friday, June 25, 2010

I am over all the Dr's Appt's!!!!!

So if any of you have been reading my past posts my Dr is on a Medical Mission till July 3rd. So because of our little scare a week ago I had to go in and see his stand in yesterday.

Now I was already not thrilled with this as I was worried he would want to deliver our little one which was a big no no for me as I want my normal Dr who had delivered my daughter and also been my DR for over 10 years to deliver.

Now my Dr is one of those Dr's that has his own office. He does not share with another Dr and all of his staff know me by name. Love it!

So I go yesterday to see the replacement and when I walk in the office I can tell that this is a combo Dr's office. I mean they must have had 5-7 Dr's working in this office. The staff was not nice at all. Very rude to be exact. Once I was taken back to the room the Dr made a appearance, checked the heartbeat and said OK I will see you next week and then you can go back to your normal Dr. I decided I was not going to go back to this replacement next week. What for? So he can charge me a arm and a leg for doing nothing.

I will continue to go to fetal test twice a week and see my DR first thing when he comes back. Hopefully by then he will want to do a early c-section as I will already be 37 weeks by then which is considered full term.
Cross my fingers!

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