Thursday, June 24, 2010

When is enough, Enough!

So my husband said to me last night that being almost 36 weeks pregnant and with the little scare we had last week with our little peanut that I should kick my body into cruise control now till he decides to make his grand entrance. I laughed as if me, my body, my children, my mind, my home, my business knows what cruise control even is!

He proceeded to tell me that I need to stop working (ok I am my own boss so MAYBE I can work on that), stop doing housework like laundry and obsessive nesting (he also promised to take over which I have to see before I commit), and just all in all spending more time on our comfy couch or bed (yeah right).

I don't think he understands that I could never sit home all day and do nothing. Now when the baby comes and I have just had a c-section and am healing...OK! But that is also because he will be home with me till I am capable to do all of the above things without his assistance. Since a c-section is major surgery! Plus with a newborn you don't really take them out much when they are first born! Well I guess I should speak for myself as we saw a women with a newborn out (must have been days old) getting ice cream.

I go to the DR's and Fetal testing again this morning. I have been ordered to go to fetal testing twice a week till my Dr gets back and decides if we are going to deliver. A couple days ago I got a statement from my insurance saying that each visit to Fetal testing costs $1700 (yes you are reading that correct). This is for about 20-30 minutes of heartbeat/contraction/movement monitoring of the baby. Now in previous posts I explained that the nurses there are the most amazing nurses. They remind me of a bunch of really great grandmothers. The sad part is that out of all that money I bet they don't even make 5% of it. Sad, very sad!

After testing I am going to visit my Dr's stand in while he is on his medical mission. I am a little nervous about that as I am very fond of my Dr and have been going to him for almost 13 years. I don't want any poking down in my privacy area.

After todays visit I will see if I can manage a cruise control couple weeks before this little peanut comes into this world. Oh, got a kick out of him. Maybe he agrees with daddy.

Welcome to my world!

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  1. It is great that he already agrees with his dad.