Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Surprise Killer!

So for the past couple weeks random people in my life have said things to me out of the blue that leads me to believe someone is getting ready to throw a baby shower for our newest "little peanut".
First it was my cousin who said
"I got the invite and Hailey and I will be there but Greg can't come".
I said
"What invite/"
and she said
"The shower."
I said
"Oh I am having a shower"
she turned beet red and said
"OMG forget I said anything"


My mom of course said something like
"Does Daniel(my husband) need anything for the party."
I said
"What Party"
her response was
"OH SHIT!! Never Mind! Don't tell anyone I said anything!"

My sister in law says to me two weekends ago
"So your registered at Target?"
I said
"Yeah how did you know"
she said
"Oh it said so on the Baby Shower Invite" she immediately realized she slipped and said
"OH never mind! Don't tell anyone I said anything!"

Ok so that is more then one person who has said something but I have stopped them all before they told me when and who was throwing it!
Then this weekend we are at a family graduation party for my sister in law and my mother in law walks up and says to someone that I am talking to...
"Oh I forgot to bring the invite for you but next Saturday we are having a shower for Melissa at her house"


Come to find out that my husband has put together this amazing Sprinkle (mini baby shower)!
OMG! I love that man!

So as everyone found out that my mother in law spoiled the surprise they said they kinda thought I knew about the shower when they got the invitation because they were so cute and assumed I made them myself. Funny but a stab in the chest to my husband who was getting no credit for being creative. We have been together a long time I would hope some of my creativity and my like and dislikes would have rubbed off on him. LOVE YOU HONEY! See the invite (removed address and phone number) but you get the idea!

Isn't it funny how some people just can't keep a secret! FYI! Me either!

Welcome to my world!

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