Monday, June 28, 2010

My No Stess Weekend and Daughters First SleepOver!

Have you ever had one of those weekends were you and your family have nothing to do. No birthday parties, crazy home improvements, etc. That you can just sit back and watch all the TiVo you want for hours on end!

That was this weekend for me and my family.

I have really been trying to take it easy lately as I am getting closer to my scheduled c-section/due date (three weeks from today). This is so much easier for me to say then to actually do as I am just one of those people that needs to have 110 things going at one time.

Saturday night my mom and dad did come over for dinner and family movie night. I found this amazing BBQ Beef Sandwich recipe that is made with root beer. Everyone loved it. During dinner we started talking politics which got a little carried away, but once everybody voiced their opinion we all moved on to movie night and dessert. We watched Extraordinary Measures ( a true story about a father who tries to find a cure for a rare disease his children have). It was a good movie.

Sunday my family woke up and I made breakfast. One of our family friends called and asked if my son and daughter could come over and go swimming. So I said yes because my husband was going to be tied up watching the one game he has been waiting for during the World Cup (Mexico vs Argentina). And I wanted him to be able to watch it uninterrupted. So off they went.

A couple hours later my daughter called and asked if she could sleepover at her friends house. My immediate reaction was "NO WAY" not my six year old little girl. I told her to let me think about it and I would call her back. MY husband and I discussed it and we both said we have to give in and let her have fun not put her in a bubble. So we called her back and told her yes. The screaming on the phone was obnoxious! She was so thrilled.

So my husband and I settled in for the night. We had dinner alone which was weird as that has not happened in a long time. I made chicken and potatoes in my favorite kitchen appliance the slow cooker. It was amazing. And then we watched Remember Me with Robert Pattinson. Which started out slow but the ending was a shocker. All in all good.

Then finished off the night with our favorite show "True Blood". Got to love us some adult vampires.

After watching the show I got this urge to go pick up my little girl as I wanted to tuck her in and give her a kiss goodnight! But I held strong and did not call or drive over there. I decided the best way to help me forget is to go to bed. Also my daughter was going to get dropped off at 7am.

This morning when she got home I gave her the biggest hug and I think she grew a little bigger since I saw her yesterday.

Welcome to My world!

Friday, June 25, 2010

I am over all the Dr's Appt's!!!!!

So if any of you have been reading my past posts my Dr is on a Medical Mission till July 3rd. So because of our little scare a week ago I had to go in and see his stand in yesterday.

Now I was already not thrilled with this as I was worried he would want to deliver our little one which was a big no no for me as I want my normal Dr who had delivered my daughter and also been my DR for over 10 years to deliver.

Now my Dr is one of those Dr's that has his own office. He does not share with another Dr and all of his staff know me by name. Love it!

So I go yesterday to see the replacement and when I walk in the office I can tell that this is a combo Dr's office. I mean they must have had 5-7 Dr's working in this office. The staff was not nice at all. Very rude to be exact. Once I was taken back to the room the Dr made a appearance, checked the heartbeat and said OK I will see you next week and then you can go back to your normal Dr. I decided I was not going to go back to this replacement next week. What for? So he can charge me a arm and a leg for doing nothing.

I will continue to go to fetal test twice a week and see my DR first thing when he comes back. Hopefully by then he will want to do a early c-section as I will already be 37 weeks by then which is considered full term.
Cross my fingers!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

When is enough, Enough!

So my husband said to me last night that being almost 36 weeks pregnant and with the little scare we had last week with our little peanut that I should kick my body into cruise control now till he decides to make his grand entrance. I laughed as if me, my body, my children, my mind, my home, my business knows what cruise control even is!

He proceeded to tell me that I need to stop working (ok I am my own boss so MAYBE I can work on that), stop doing housework like laundry and obsessive nesting (he also promised to take over which I have to see before I commit), and just all in all spending more time on our comfy couch or bed (yeah right).

I don't think he understands that I could never sit home all day and do nothing. Now when the baby comes and I have just had a c-section and am healing...OK! But that is also because he will be home with me till I am capable to do all of the above things without his assistance. Since a c-section is major surgery! Plus with a newborn you don't really take them out much when they are first born! Well I guess I should speak for myself as we saw a women with a newborn out (must have been days old) getting ice cream.

I go to the DR's and Fetal testing again this morning. I have been ordered to go to fetal testing twice a week till my Dr gets back and decides if we are going to deliver. A couple days ago I got a statement from my insurance saying that each visit to Fetal testing costs $1700 (yes you are reading that correct). This is for about 20-30 minutes of heartbeat/contraction/movement monitoring of the baby. Now in previous posts I explained that the nurses there are the most amazing nurses. They remind me of a bunch of really great grandmothers. The sad part is that out of all that money I bet they don't even make 5% of it. Sad, very sad!

After testing I am going to visit my Dr's stand in while he is on his medical mission. I am a little nervous about that as I am very fond of my Dr and have been going to him for almost 13 years. I don't want any poking down in my privacy area.

After todays visit I will see if I can manage a cruise control couple weeks before this little peanut comes into this world. Oh, got a kick out of him. Maybe he agrees with daddy.

Welcome to my world!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Great Pregnency Tee's!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Second Day Of Summer!

So today was a much better summer day for my daughter.

Her little cousin was here all day and have been outside playing for HOURS! I of course still have to check in and make sure they are doing good.

Lucky that my front yard has a big play yard (slide, tubes, etc) that is fenced in so they can't go near the street. This has kept them busy all day.

It is amazing to listen to the things they will make up to play. Their imagination is great. I remember when I was that little!

This morning they made paper shoes and cards and tried selling them on our street. That did not work. They lowered their prices. Still no takers.

So I thought ok we have a ton of candy from the baby shower (we had a candy bar) that we in our house do not need to eat. So I just finished letting them set up a candy shop outside to sell.

My daughter the business woman like her mommy!

They want to make enough money to go have ice cream after dinner. I will keep everyone posted as to how much they make. Fingers crossed!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Offically Summer Break!

So today marked the first day of summer break for my daughter and son.

My son is 16 years old and has his own plans, friends, "girlfriends", etc. So as summer break approached for him I was not so concerned. Although I did want him to go out and get a job. Which is of no interest to him at 16. But if he want a car on his 17th birthday he better get out and join the work force.

My daughter was the main concern for me. I am quickly approaching my due date and get more irritable and tired daily. I knew that trips to Disneyland and Knotts where not a option for me. Which sucks for her because she does not understand how tired I get just walking around for 10 minutes.

With my whole baby scare last week my doctor has kinda put me on home bed rest till he is back in town on July 5th. So our first day of summer break I wake my daughter up and tell her mommy has a appointment for the baby so we have to go to the hospital. Instead of giving me a hard time she eats her cereal and gets herself dressed and ready. I was concerned she would be bored sitting in the room for 30 minutes while they monitor the baby and then a quick fluid ultrasound. I was so amazed at how well she did. She brought her little penguin and her DS and was a happy girl.

After leaving the hospital we make a quick stop at Target. I get her a Icee and she did really well at the store (did not ask to buy anything, or complain about how long it was taking). We finally get home and I make her some lunch. After lunch she plays in her room a little bit and then comes out and says she is bored. Now we do not have kids her age in the neighborhood. So it's not like she can go outside and play with her friends. This makes me start to wonder what the heck the next two in a half months are going to be like for her and I. Any suggestions??????

Welcome to my world!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day to all of the amazing fathers out there!

Especially my wonderful husband....

Who will make funny faces with my daughter...

Ride any ride at disneyland 100 times because she loves them or even go to disneyland anytime she wants...

Smile for mommy....

Dress up with her for halloween....

Teach her about starfish....

Help you finish your ice cream....

Tickle you to make you smile...

I could go on and on and on but the bottom line is we are very lucky to have a dad and husband like you.
Your a Great DAD!

Love You Honey!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Update on 34 weeks visit!!!!

So I drop my daughter off at school and head off to the Dr's (by myself). I get there and find out while sitting in the waiting room that my DR is going ofd on a medical mission and is leaving tomorrow. I think Ok no big deal my actual due date if I make my scheduled c-section is July 19th and he will be back on July 5th.

So they call my name and I go with my favorite nurse ever and she takes me to weigh in. So last visit 4 weeks ago I had lost 4 pounds. This time I gained 3 pounds. Ok no big deal. I go in and pee and meet her in room 3.

The minute I walked in I saw on the table a gown and then on the counter a swab (like for your yearly exam). So of course I started to panic. I asked what they were going to do today and she said the Group B Strep Test. Normal at 34 weeks. So I get up on the table and she proceeds to say that my urine looks good and that she will take my blood pressure. As she is taking my blood pressure the look on her face shows signs of worry. She takes off the cuff and moves to the other arm. She finishes and say that my blood pressure is very high.

She asks me to get undressed and lay on my left side and she will leave the blood pressure cuff for the Dr to retake it when he comes in.

I start to get undressed and can feel the stress. I lay on my left side and stare out the window thinking about almost to the day my daughter was born at the same time (34 weeks and two days / I am 34 weeks and 3 days). I hear the knock on the door and my heart skips and beat. He comes in and says that my blood pressure is very high and that is causing him some concern (deja vu- I heard the same with my daughter). He gets out the little machine that lets him hear the baby's heartbeat. Now on Monday the baby was laying left to right in my belly. I tell him this and he starts to look for the heart beat. I am looking up at him and I start to see worry on his face because he can't find the little peanut. Finally after more time then it should take he finds the baby is breech and the heart beat is going at a pace I can tell is not good. He proceeds to listen and I ask "Are you sure that is not my heartbeat?" He grabs my wrist and listens to the machine and my heart. He again gets that look. He turn the machine off and says I am concerned and that he is sending me STAT for labs and Fetal stress tests. He tells me that he is leaving tomorrow for two weeks and that he needs to decide what we are going to do? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? I say and he said delivery or 5 weeks of bed rest in the hospital. OMFG!!!!!!!!!

Off I go with tears in my eyes as all this bad news did not help with my stress and call my husband. My husband calms me down and asks if he should come to the fetal stress test. I tell him no but I will call him when I am done. I go to the stress test place and the very nice nurse gets me to the room and starts asking alot of questions. How far along, past childbirths, etc. After answering 20 questions she starts to try and locate the baby. She has the hardest time even though I guide her to where the DR found him. No luck. She finally finds him and says I will be back in 10 minutes to check on you. After she leaves and I am laying in the bed my head starts spinning, I feel like I am going to hurl all over the place and I get very dizzy and blurred vision. I realize I should not but I sit up and feel better right away. I see the monitor loses the babies heartbeat and the nurses who can see the monitor out in the lobby all come running. They say what are your doing? (because I am sitting up). I explain how I started feeling and they say OK no problem (they are the best nurses ever / if only I could get that when I deliver) they set me up again but this time on my side which works and I give them 20-30 minutes of a good fetal heart rate and movement. Then they want to do a amniotic fluid check (aka ultrasound). I get in and the nurse lathers me up with the famous goop and proceed to scan how much fluid the baby has. She tells me "this baby is not breech. He is head down." she shows me that he is ready to make his entrance. After the ultrasound she tells me they will send the results to my Dr by lunch and he should give me a call. OK so that wait game begins. I then head to the blood lab to get my blood drawn. That went as wells as possible for someone who is terrified of needles.
I ask how soon the STAT results will get tot the DR and she said by days end. So that was at 12pm.

I head home hungry, scared, nervous, anxious, etc. Call my husband and tell him I will call him when I hear anything.

I get home and eat some cereal and then head off to pick up my daughter.

I get a call from the Dr's office at about 2:30pm and the nurse says that DR wants me back in his office tomorrow at 8:15 (they don't even open till 9am) to recheck and talk about our options. I ask if they got the results back and she said the blood work yes (and that I was severely anemic and my calcium was very low)I say OK I will be there.

Oh and by the way he did do the Va Ja Ja strep test which was very uncomfortable.

Here I sit now packing my hospital bag, getting his stuff ready and blogging! Still nervous, more worried then ever. Am I ready for him. I kept saying I was over being pregnant but I take it back!

So tomorrow we will find out if we are getting a early fathers day present or I am on bed rest for at least the next two - five weeks. At this point I feel my body and him in it is doing him more harm the help so I have no problems if they say they want to take him out. That and I know I could never do 2 weeks in the hospital let alone 5 weeks.

Keep you posted!

Welcome to my world!

34 week DR's visit! Fun!!!!!

This morning is my 34 week DR's visit. Every visit up until now has been a easy go. Meaning I have no problem getting up and going to the Dr's because I know that I am in and out within 20 minutes (unless he is delivering a baby). This is because all he does is ask me how I am, ask if I have any questions, and then check the heart rate of the baby. Then I am done and see you in 4 weeks.

But now that I am in the home stretch I think he is going to start doing the va-ja-ja weekly check. You know the one where you already feel alot of pressure down there and he adds to that by poking to see if you are dilated. Fun Right! Not for me.

I also feel it is like getting ready for a date as you have to make sure that you are well groomed in that area which at 34 weeks pregnant shaving my legs is a task let alone that area.

I am also a little scared because my daughter was born at 34 weeks by emergency c-section. So I am hoping this little peanut decides that it is pretty comfortable in my belly that he will stay a little while longer. Not that I want to be pregnant anymore but because it is what is best for him.

Will keep you posted as to how the visit goes.

Welcome to my World!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


$1 Superfruit Smoothies on July 16th.
Stop in your local Jamba Juice for a $1.00 smoothie.

Just took my daughter and she enjoyed the Yummyberry (a little tart but not to much).

So save a little $$$$ and get a cool refreshing treat.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

3D ultrasound Horror

So yesterday evening we were scheduled for our last ultrasound of this pregnancy. And it was going to be fun because it was going to be in 3D.

I was not feeling very well before we left for the appointment at 6pm but really wanted to see a picture of our little peanut. Especially after I saw a friends newborn yesterday.

So I got in the car and off we went.

Right before we got there I said to my husband...
"What if they told us we are having a girl" (reminder we have been told a boy, the room is painted, clothes and bedding have been washed)
he said...
"What can we do? If it is it is."
I love his chill attitude about the whole thing but I would die!

So we get to the imaging center and they proceed to prep me. This means cover my stomach with this gel that is sticky and gross and gets everywhere.

So I have a male tech and he starts the ultrasound. Their is also a lady (teacher) in the room who helps him navigate around. No problem I don't care if my baby and I are used to help educate. They ask if I know the sex of the baby and I say yes but that I would like for them to tell me what they see. They say ok and proceed to look. They both at the same time say...... "It's a Girl!" my reaction was oh sh*t!!!!
Then they ask if they are right and I said that we were told it was a boy. So they start looking again and then about 15 mins later say they see his testicles but no penis. OK so I start getting really nervous and upset. They told me he is at a weird angle but that now they see he is a boy.

I am not sure at this point I believe anyone.

So now they move on to the measurements of the baby. They each take a seat. One on my left side and one on my right. My husband and daughter are seated by my feet. They start doing the measurements and talking about how the male tech's wife is having a difficult pregnancy and their not sure what is going to happen with the pregnancy. Hello I am laying here on my back in a very uncomfortable position, trying to figure out what you are looking at, not wanting to hear about your personal pregnancy issues. They then start talking about the World Cup! I am getting really sick now.

The male tech asks the female if what he is looking at on the screen is the babies head and she said "No that is his stomach." WHAT!!!! You can't tell his stomach from his head. Ok I am done. I tell them to stop and that I am going to hurl from laying on my back for about a hour now. The female teachers says get up and walk around and maybe the baby will move into a better position. I get up and tell my husband I am done and want to leave. I was feeling sick and very hot! But we came here to see him in 3d and they had not even shown us a thing.

So I went back in and they covered me in the goo again and started over. I told them to please get to the 3D as I was not feeling well and would not be able to stay much longer on my back. So after a couple tries the male tech kept pulling up a 3d image of a blob and could not get a shot. I looked at the teacher and said please get me someone else.

She said ok and got this young girl who came in a was AMAZING. She showed us everything, explained what she was doing instead of talking about the World CUP. She got us some amazing shots of him drinking his fluid, playing with his hand and sucking on his fingers. Why could I not have had her in the first place. She was the right person to put with a OB patient. I realize that the imaging center is not just for OB visits. But maybe if you are a OB Patient you should be put with someone who enjoys OB and also knows the difference between a head and babies stomach!

Either that or the baby really is a boy and likes the ladies!

Stay posted for images!

Welcome to my world!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation/Commencement

Today my daughter had her kindergarten commencement(aka graduation). It was really cute.

I think it hit me like a ton of bricks that my six year old is no longer the baby, she is the big girl she always says she is!She is actually going to first grade in a couple months.

I really loved her teacher this year and wish and hope that her next teacher is a wonderful as she was. I asked her teacher to promise not to retire for another six years so our newest little one has a amazing kindergarten teacher. And if we still live in the district and go to the same school I would totally request her.

I think throughout your child's education you will have a handful of teachers you really like and this teacher will go down as one of my daughters. I remember a couple from my childhood and a couple I would love to forget.

My daughters friend's mom and have have been pregnant this year and she had her little girl Tuesday of last week. She brought her to the graduation and I immediately wanted our little peanut out more then ever. She was so tiny and cute! I can't wait. These next couple weeks are going to take forever.

Today marks the 34 week mark...

he is now the size of a cantaloupe. I feel already like he is trying to break through my stomach like the creature from the Alien movie. This is the week my daughter made her grand entrance. So cross our fingers he hangs on for a couple more weeks.

This evening we are going in for our last ultrasound (3d) so that should be fun to see. I can't wait to see the little person training to be a kickboxer.

Welcome to my world!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My six year old fashionista!

Since when did my six year old think she was such a fashionista.
Every morning she fights me on what I pick for her to wear. She said she hates that shirt, skirt, etc or that the outfit does not match (this is funny because that is a pet peeve of mine that you go out with your kids not matching). Yet she has been known to come out with a strange color combo.
I try explaining I would never send her to school or out looking bad and she says "Yes you are sending me to school looking ugly now".
Now that is just trying to get her dressed. Doing her hair is a whole other deal. My daughter has always been complimented on her hair (color, length, softness) and she is so weird about always having it down. Never wanting it cut. Sometimes I can convince her to put in a clip or headband but that is as good as it gets.

She asks me why she does not get to pick out her clothes and I told her once she can buy them for herself then she can pick out the clothes she wants.
Her response to me
"Then maybe you can pay me for the chores I do around the house" (she does nothing but clean her own room)
Smart cookie!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy Saturday!

So even thoe it is Saturday and I have no reason to be up at Dark thirty my child in my belly has decided we should get up and be domesticated (laundry, cleaning, etc). I am getting so over not being able to find my comfort zone when I am sleeping. Last night I used my husband as a human pillow. I molded him to my liking and then finally fell asleep. This morning I got up to pee and was unable to go back to sleep.
I always wonder if this is training for the lack of sleep you will get when you newborn is actually here.
So I will continue being the domestic goddess I am for the moment

and then off to a kids birthday party (just how I wanted to spend my Saturday). Hope your Saturday turns out better then mine has so far.
Welcome to my world!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Monday!

Well for anyone that has been reading our blog knows that this weekend was our Baby Shower for our newest addition to the family.
It was alot of fun.
Halfway through the shower my husband says to me
"OMG I have not taken one picture of the shower or the people here".
So he started snapping pictures and taking video of the shower. I can't blame him as the day all seems like a blur since you spend the day talking and entertaining your guests.
We played a really funny game. Called play-dough babies. I highly recommend this game at a shower as everyone had a great time. You give everyone a little bit of play-dough and have them make a baby out of the play-dough. Simple right! You should see some of these babies....

It even kept the kids busy.
We had a great time and got alot of great items for Tai.
Everyone loved his new nursery. Which was nice for my husband and I since he painted and designed the wall mural and a designed the bedding.
We had a amazing day!
My cousin asked if she could take my daughter and son to her condo to swim and I jumped on the opportunity to have a couple hours with no children around. They left and I thought my husband and I were going to finish cleaning up and relax. But he had other motives and told me to shower and get dressed we were going on a afternoon date. Got to love that man.
He took me to see Sex and The City 2 (since I have been bugging about going, but never have time) and then we saw Get Him To The Greek (yes we snuck in to see another movie, don't act like you have never done it). Sex in the City was horrible. Which was a huge disappointment(now I can see why Shrek beat it at the box office). Get Him To the Greek was funny!
After we did some returns from the shower went home and sat down to eat dinner and the kids came home right as we sat down.
They both were burned out from the pool and my daughter was a little burned on her back as daddy forgot to put sunscreen on her back. Poor little girl. So we sent everyone to shower put them to bed early and then sat down to eat our cold dinner and watch the MTV Movie Awards. We were also in bed by 9:20 and asleep about two minutes later. It was a long weekend. But much fun.
Thanks to my husband for throwing me a amazing shower and also taking me on afternoon date day yesterday. I love you Babe!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Nesting Faze!

So I am going on 33 weeks pregnant and this little boy wants out as bad as I want him out. He is now the size of a Pineapple.

OMG I have a Pineapple in my belly! Everything is starting to get uncomfortable again. Last night was a hard night for me...
First my husband and I had a discussion about how every little thing is making me upset or sad. Example - my daughter while taking a shower got water all over the bathroom floor and when dad took her out he neglected to clean it up (Lakers were on). When I went to take a shower last night I stepped on a wet floor mat. When I got out I let him have it about if he was to busy to give her a shower and clean up after her he should have just asked me to do it. He told me he was going to clean it up but just forgot about it for a minute. About two minutes later I apologized and started crying because I was mean. We hugged it out and it was better. We went to bed and I tossed and turn from 11:30 - 1:30 and then gave up and went to my couch, turned on the t.v and feel asleep. Up every couple hours but was able to fall back asleep.
Now this morning I have been on a nesting faze (well really for the past couple days) but I got my custom designed crib bedding a couple days ago and I have been obsessed.

Isn't it great! Thanks Amber You Rock!

Doesn't this look amazing and soft. IT IS SOFTER THEN IT LOOKS!

Only thing missing is our little peanut!
So my husband must be nesting also because he is on a cleaning frenzy. It could also be that my shower is tomorrow and we will have a house full of family and friends. Maybe that's it. Oh I love my husband!
I remember with my daughter towards the end I would fold and unfold her clothes. Now I am just obsessed with cleaning everything. Well at least my house will be clean before the baby comes! I am not responsible once he is here and I am lacking more sleep then I am now.
Welcome to my world!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Surprise Killer!

So for the past couple weeks random people in my life have said things to me out of the blue that leads me to believe someone is getting ready to throw a baby shower for our newest "little peanut".
First it was my cousin who said
"I got the invite and Hailey and I will be there but Greg can't come".
I said
"What invite/"
and she said
"The shower."
I said
"Oh I am having a shower"
she turned beet red and said
"OMG forget I said anything"


My mom of course said something like
"Does Daniel(my husband) need anything for the party."
I said
"What Party"
her response was
"OH SHIT!! Never Mind! Don't tell anyone I said anything!"

My sister in law says to me two weekends ago
"So your registered at Target?"
I said
"Yeah how did you know"
she said
"Oh it said so on the Baby Shower Invite" she immediately realized she slipped and said
"OH never mind! Don't tell anyone I said anything!"

Ok so that is more then one person who has said something but I have stopped them all before they told me when and who was throwing it!
Then this weekend we are at a family graduation party for my sister in law and my mother in law walks up and says to someone that I am talking to...
"Oh I forgot to bring the invite for you but next Saturday we are having a shower for Melissa at her house"


Come to find out that my husband has put together this amazing Sprinkle (mini baby shower)!
OMG! I love that man!

So as everyone found out that my mother in law spoiled the surprise they said they kinda thought I knew about the shower when they got the invitation because they were so cute and assumed I made them myself. Funny but a stab in the chest to my husband who was getting no credit for being creative. We have been together a long time I would hope some of my creativity and my like and dislikes would have rubbed off on him. LOVE YOU HONEY! See the invite (removed address and phone number) but you get the idea!

Isn't it funny how some people just can't keep a secret! FYI! Me either!

Welcome to my world!